Criminal Case MOD APK v2.39: Unlock Unlimited Money & Energy

Solve mysteries like never before with Criminal Case MOD APK v2.39. Enjoy unlimited money and energy for the ultimate detective experience in 2023

Criminal Case Mod APK | All You Need to Know

Criminal Case Mod APK All You Need to Know
Criminal Case Mod APK All You Need to Know

Criminal Case is a huge success when it comes to exciting and thrilling criminal quest games. It is set in a big corrupt city where crime is happening in a matter of seconds, and you have to solve these crime mysteries.

If you are planning to give it a try, start with the Criminal Case Mod APK. It is a free-of-cost, modified alternative to the game, with unlimited coins and VIP resources that make the game fun and exciting. Here is a complete guide on this game based on its features and advantages. So, do give this a read.

About Criminal Case Mod APK

Here is a complete guide on the Criminal Case Mod APK, based on its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Criminal Case is a quest game designed for people who love solving murders and other mysteries (robberies and theft). This game starts off with you at the crime scene, investigating the case. While you are in search of criminals, you collect evidence, analyze them, gather witnesses, and work with a professional team.

The Mod APK version of this game is a modified alternative, free of cost. It has all the premium features available with unlimited coins, energy ratings, and in-game currency without asking you to subscribe to anything. The good thing about this version is that it is free of any viruses and malware, making it a safe and reliable option for your Android or PC.

Criminal Case Features

Criminal Case Features
Criminal Case Features

Criminal Case is one of its own unique quest games where you have to solve mysteries. This is followed by a set of a big corrupt city with multiple crime scenes and realistic visuals that keep you hooked for the longest time.

Not only this, you get to collaborate with other players and increase your energy ratings so that you last for a long time. Here are some of the things that make this quest game a huge success. So, let’s get in.

Multiplayer Game Mode

The first thing that makes this game exciting and fun is its multiplayer mode. Here, most of the players come together to collaborate and solve really complex mysteries. The crime scenes for such cases are broad and lengthy. So, it takes extra attention and concentration for you to get a lead. You can even pair up with your friends and family to play these games.

An Entire Corrupt City

The game is set up in a big city, and the interesting thing is that crimes are happening in all the streets and corners of this city. There are as many detectives as there are criminals, and you are one of them. The corrupt city has a gloomy and dark theme that makes the gameplay even more interesting and thrilling. All you need to do is solve the cases and grow your points.

Realistic 3D Simulations

Another good thing about this game is its attractive graphics. All the crime scenes in this game are 3D, which adds a realistic feel to the entire scenario. Everything is clearly visible on the crime scene, which allows you to get a lead on clues and evidence. The visual details and effects in the city immediately hook the players to the game.

Multiple Crime Scenes

This game is built on multiple crime scenes, all of them equally adventurous. However, they are categorized on the basis of difficulty level. For instance, some of them are entry-level mini missions, while others are hard-core cases that can last you for hours.

Unlimited Hints and Clues

While investigating the cases, you will get multiple hints and clues that will assist you in resolving the mysteries in less than usual time. These hints are easily accessible from the main menu of all the crime scenes.

Mini Missions to Gain Energy

This gameplay has mini theft and robbery cases that don’t stretch over hours. The main purpose of these missions is to gain energy ratings. All you need to do is solve these cases and earn some ratings. This not only adds to your points but also makes the game exciting.

Other Energy Boosters

Apart from this, you also get to explore in-game energy boosters. This helps you in gaining extra time to solve the missions. And the good thing about this is that you may find them among evidence and other hints while investigating some cases.

What Makes Criminal Case Mod APK Unique?

Now that you know what to expect from the Criminal Case and why it is a huge success, let’s come to its unique Mod APK features that make it a safe and reliable option. Here are some of them mentioned.

  • The Criminal Case Mod APK has unlimited hints available in different settings. This assists you in solving complex and difficult mysteries, especially if you are new to this game.
  • This Mod APK version also has unlimited energy ratings. With these ratings, you can utilize the extra time to solve the case. It further adds extra hours to each case. All you need to do is solve some basic cases and increase your energy ratings.
  • This game is tested for all the major and minor bugs. Hence, even with a regular update, you won’t experience any bugs, lags, or glitches.
  • The Criminal Case Mod APK is tested for malware, viruses, and Trojans. This makes it safe and secure from any potential attacks. All you need to do is download the updated version.
  • This game has an ad-blocking policy. So, while playing the game, you won’t experience any annoying ads.
  • It requires no subscription yet has all the premium features unlocked. You don’t have to solve any mystery cases to buy yourself equipment or energy ratings.

Advantages of Criminal Case Mod APK

  • All the games and puzzles in the game are 3D. This creates realistic simulations, making you feel like you are already present at the crime scene.
  • The game is highly addictive. Some cases can go on for long hours, which means it knows how to hook the players into the game.
  • Another good thing about the Criminal Case Mod APK version is that it is free of cost and doesn’t require any subscription. You don’t have to put in any real money to unlock VIP resources.
  • As soon as you start playing the game, it gets tested for malware automatically. Hence, you won’t find any lag issues.
  • This game has all the resources unlocked. This helps you progress in the game easily.
  • The Criminal Case Mod APK is free of any annoying ads, all thanks to its ad-blocking policy.

Disadvantages of Criminal Case Mod APK

  • This game is a bit larger in size, which means you will need extra space, especially if you will be using this on your Android phone. On average, it is ideal to have at least 150 MB of storage available to run this game.
  • The updated version of this game is not compatible with low-end devices. Hence, it is important to have Android 4.4 or above.
  • If you will be playing this game on a PC, do consider that it can heat up the CPU after consecutive long hours of playing.


Is the Criminal Case Mod APK lightweight in size?

No, Criminal Case Mod APK is not light in weight. Because of the big data backup and unlimited features, it tends to be heavier than usual. To give you an idea, I would say it is important to have at least 150 MB of storage space in your mobile phone.

Can I download the Mod version of this game from the Google Play store?

No, you cannot download the Mod APK version of the Criminal Case from the Play Store. This is because it is not authorized by the laws of the store. Although you will find some third parties posting this app on the play store, it may be buggy. And you can easily find a reliable option using the browser.

Is Criminal Case Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the Criminal Case Mod APK is absolutely safe to download. This is because it is tested for all the major security threats like spyware, malware, viruses, and worms. Moreover, it has a defense against glitches and bugs that gives you a safe and seamless experience.

Final Thoughts

Criminal Case Mod APK is the best-suited option for anyone who is planning to give this criminal quest a try. It has all the premium features unlocked, along with an unlimited supply of coins and energy boosters. Not only this, it is free of any ads and viruses, which makes it a safe and reliable alternative.

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