Crush Crush MOD APK v0.386: Enjoy Unlimited Money/Gems

Dive into a unique dating experience with Crush Crush MOD APK v0.386. Enjoy unlimited money and gems for the ultimate romantic adventure in 2023!

Crush Crush is perfect if you like playing fun and romantic dating games to experience new things. This game is a dating simulator inspired by the anime world. The game’s features allow you to use various tactics to date beautiful characters from the anime world. Besides dating beautiful characters, you can also earn by doing a job.

Furthermore, players can chat with the female characters to discover more about them. The official game is available on the Play Store but has limited features. In other words, the official app comes with a few locked features. Hence, many people prefer using its modified version to access unlimited features. Let’s dig into the following guide and explore the features of this impressive game.

Crush Crush APK

The following article contains all relevant details regarding a well-known dating simulator, Crush Crush APK.

What Is Crush Crush APK?

Crush Crush is one of the unique games available because it comes with a romantic dating concept. In other words, this game allows players to experience beautiful moments with female characters from the anime world.

Furthermore, you can give unique and attractive presents to the girls to impress them. Now the question is, how do you purchase gifts in the game? Well, the game’s features allow you to find a job and earn money to give presents to the beautiful girls in the game.

The modified version of the game provides additional and unlocked features and tools that make the game more impressive and enjoyable for the players. As I mentioned above, you can find a job in the game to earn money. In the modified version, you experience all unlocked job opportunities with more money, allowing you to spend on gifts, dating, and other activities.

Moreover, the Mod provides free shopping, letting you customize your character’s appearance, including outfits, hair, shoes, etc. In other words, the advanced features of the modified app allow you to use premium tools to boost your affection level and attract more girls towards yourself.

How To Install Crush Crush APK?

As I stated earlier, the official app of Crush Crush is available on the Play Store but has limited features. Many people use its modified version to access unlimited features and tools. You might know, modified apps are unavailable on the Play Store. Therefore, you can download them through an APKreach on Google. The same is the case with the Crush Crush.

To download the game on your device, install the Crush Crush APK. Now, open the installer to complete the downloading procedure. Once the download completes on your appliance, you can play it and experience unlimited features.


This game has simple yet attractive gameplay. When you enter the game, you engage with beautiful girls. The first thing you should do is choose your favorite character with whom you want to interact. Once you select your favorite anime characters, convince them to chat with you.

Sending stickers and giving them expensive and unique presents can help you attract them towards you. Furthermore, the players do specific jobs to earn money and keep the female characters happy. You can download certain cheats to access the premium features of the game.

Features Of The Crush Crush APK

The Crush Crush APK is one of the platforms for people who want to experience life beyond love. The following are the key features of this dating simulator that allow you to encounter love, fun, and various emotions.

Meet Beautiful Girls

Various types of games are available on the internet, but Crush Crush is one of the unique games with a different concept. It is a perfect game for people who like dating games. This dating simulator allows you to meet beautiful girl characters from the anime world.

Moreover, you can develop a strong bond with your favorite character by chatting with her and buying her expensive gifts. In short, one of the most prominent features of this game is that it provides you with a platform to experience love.

Men design the female characters of the game. Therefore, these characters have a dreamy and heavenly structure that can make anyone their slave. The girl characters of the game have an ideal attractive figure that can capture anyone’s heart. You should join this world if you want to have a dating experience with anime girls that can’t exist in reality.

Engaging Conversations

After choosing your favorite characters in the game, start a conversation with them. This conversation helps you know more about each other. You can also have a conversation about romantic topics. Furthermore, this game allows users to have long romantic calls with the girls.

Take Girls On The Date

Once you know your favorite girl character after engaging in conversations, you can plan a romantic date to proceed ahead with her. Dating different girl characters in the game allows you to know more about their taste and is a great experience. You can also watch movies, visit different places, dine in restaurants, and many other activities to impress the beauties of the Crush Crush APK.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget presents in such romantic moments. Purchasing gifts for girls can play a vital role in boosting your affection level. In other words, if you buy gifts for the girls, they will stay in love with you. You can buy them cute outfits, jewelry, and many other accessories to increase their affection toward you.

Perform Jobs

As I mentioned earlier, this game provides a platform for its users to perform various jobs and earn money. Players can use this money to purchase gifts and access premium features. In addition, they can use these points and money to improve their performance and increase their level.

You must have enough money to give presents, take your girl on a date, and watch movies. You can perform these jobs to earn money to meet your character’s expenses in the game. In short, these jobs work as a source of income for your character, helping him to fulfill his girlfriend’s requirements.

Customize And Design Outlook

You must have an attractive appearance to attract the anime characters toward you. You can customize and design your character’s outlook according to your requirements. The game’s features allow you to change your character’s outfits, skin, shoes, hair, tone, and many other characteristics.

Mod Features

As I stated earlier, the modified version of the Crush Crush provides unlimited features, including unlimited money and unlocked premium features. The following are the few most prominent characteristics of the modified version of this dating simulator.

Unlimited Money

The first and most prominent feature of this Mod is unlimited money. As I mentioned, you must earn money to purchase gifts for the girls in the game. This procedure can be more effortless with the Mod app because it provides unlimited money, allowing you to access premium tools to impress girls in the game.

You can buy pictures, new characters, and other features with this money. Furthermore, you can unlock the levels and skills of the game with the help of unlimited money.

Unlock Pictures And Graphics

You can access graphs and pictures of the girl characters using the actual currency in the official app. If you want to access these pictures without spending a penny, the modified applications can help you in many ways. In contrast to the official app, the modified version allows you to get graphs and pictures of anime girls more effortlessly.

Unlocked Jobs

One of the drawbacks of the official app is that you can’t access every job in the game. In other words, you perform specific jobs to unlock other careers. The most highlighting benefit of using the modified version of this game is that it provides pre-unlocked jobs to its users. Hence, you don’t have to worry about unlocking the jobs.

No Ads

Like many other advanced modified apps, this app also comes with a No Ad policy which blocks unnecessary ads from the app. The official doesn’t come with a No Ad policy. Hence, unwanted ads appear on your screen during the gameplay. With this app, you don’t have to worry about unwanted apps popping on your device’s screen during the gameplay.

Free To Play

Another prominent feature of this modified version of the Crush Crush APK is that this game is free to play. You can use free cheats to improve your performance in the game. On the other hand, the official app doesn’t contain free cheats. You can enjoy the game with unlocked premium features.


Is Crush Crush free?

Yes, the modified version of the Crush Crush is free. You can enjoy the game’s premium features without spending a single penny.

Is Crush Crush a dating game?

Yes, Crush Crush is one of the unique games with a dating concept. This dating simulator allows you to interact with the beauties of the game from the anime world.

How do you get diamonds on Crush Crush easily?

Although gaining diamonds on the official game can be challenging, you can access unlimited diamonds in the modified version.


The above article contains all relevant details regarding a famous dating simulator, Crush Crush APK. Although the official app is available on the Play Store, it has limited features. In contrast to the official application, the modified version of the game provides unlimited features and unlocked levels. Check out the above guide to explore the features of this unique game, Crush Crush APK.

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