Ludo King Mod Apk v7.9.0.260 (Unlimited Coins)

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  • Use the auto-click option for a specified period.
  • Choose to click one or more positions.
  • Perform repetitive actions in different locations.
  • Easily set up auto-click.
  • Premium Unlocked.


This guide tells you about the Ludo King APK game and its modified version so you can get access to unlimited features of the game.

Until the last few years, thinking of playing Ludo on a mobile phone seemed impossible. Well, because the game is liked by everyone regardless of age, it is among the list of top popular games and is played worldwide with different techniques. Here I am going to tell you about the Ludo King Mod APK, which is basically a mobile game.

You can download the game and can play Ludo with your opponents from all over the world and with your friends via Facebook in the game. With colorful and amazing graphics, the attractive and interesting interface makes the game one of the popular games you can enjoy in your free time.

Let us now focus on the features of the Ludo King APK and what are the specific available features of this modified version of Ludo, the Ludo King Mod APK.

Ludo King Mod APK

Ludo King Mod APK
Ludo King Mod APK

This guide tells you about the Ludo King APK game and its modified version so you can get access to unlimited features of the game and can play the game to its best without paying charges. The modified version of the Ludo King APK game is easy to download and offers you unlimited gold without purchase or subscription.

Let us start with the details of the features responsible for making this Ludo King Mod APK one of the top popular games to play online.

Features of Ludo King Mod APK

Get Unlimited Gold

The possibility of getting lots of gold in the game can make you the owner of millions of gold coins. You just have to defeat other players to get more gold every time you play. Try to win more rounds of the game so you can collect a lot of money in the form of gold.

Plus, because this is the modified version of the Ludo King APK, you can enjoy unlimited gold coins and can play lots of Ludo games without waiting for gold coins.

Appealing And Colorful Theme

The overall theme of the game is very attractive. It is colorful, sharp in its contrast, and much more fun to spend time with. It is similar to the manual Ludo game and is available in the same colors and designs that are red, yellow, blue, and green. You can select any of your favorite colors and can start playing the game on your phone.

You Can Play As A Team Or As A Duo

This is another attractive feature of the game that gives you the choice to play the game in the form of a team or duo. There is no specific restriction, and you have the opportunity to play both ways without any trouble or inconvenience.

You Can Add Your Facebook Friends

Well, this is one of my favorite parts of the Ludo King APK. It gives you the choice to play the game with the Facebook friends you have. And for this, you have to make a connection of this game with the Facebook account you have and have to invite your friends to play the game with you. You will send your friends a game request, and if they accept, you guys can play Ludo online and can have fun.

Enjoy Live Chat

This is another appealing feature for the players who want to live chat and express their expressions while playing the game to their opponents. This live chat feature is available in this Ludo King Mod APK game and allows you to communicate with the players you are playing the game with during the match.

It also has numerous emojis you can send to your opponents according to the situation to make the game more fun and entertaining.

Unlimited Sixes

Unlimited Sixes
Unlimited Sixes

With this Ludo King Mod APK, you have access to unlimited sixes. You can make your dice show 6 whenever you want, and because it is a cheat version of the Ludo King Game, you can play the game just the way you want.


No, the game in its modified version is free. There are no annoying or irritating things you have to see in the ludo king game while playing it in its modified version. This means the game is highly reliable for those who are looking for a free version of this game and really want to enjoy the game without the interruptions of advertisements popping in.

Yes, the game is available offline if you don’t have an internet connection with you and want to play the game while keeping privacy concerns. This offline mode is for you and will let you play the game the way you want. This means whether you have an internet connection or not, you can always enjoy this game, and to play it, you will not require any wifi connection or internet access.

There is this TVUS option that is available on the first front page of the Ludo King game. You can join a private room by accessing this option. As soon as you click on the TVUS  option, it will ask you to select from other options. Look for the private room option and click on that. Now the game will take you into a private room where you can play the game privately.

Yes, you can play ludo king with four people simultaneously by selecting the option of playing with four people at a time that is available in the game.

Final Verdict

Ludo King Mod APK is one of the most entertaining applications that let you enjoy ludo games online. The game is more fun as it allows playing it with your Facebook friends by simply sending them the game invite from your Facebook. It comes with a live chat option that gives you a choice to communicate with the opponents and talk with them while playing to experience more realistic ludo playing.

Moreover, this is the cheat version of the ludo king game so you have access to unlimited sixes and unlimited coins, giving you the choice to play the game with access to lots of premium features making the game more fun and more adventurous.

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