Grab The Auto 5 APK + MOD [Unlimited money]

Here’s why Grab The Auto 5 APK is the best game with exciting fights, thrilling adventures, HD graphics, fancy cars, and premium features.

Do you love adrenaline-pumping games? I will tell you about an exciting game that is fun-packed, adventurous, and challenging. The Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk is a pro version of the Grab the Auto 5. This game comes with relatively easy challenges and unlimited money and lives than the original one. The game allows premium features for free.

This game is for people who love playing video games, as the graphics are HD and life-like. Previously these games were only available on PlayStation and Xbox, but now you can download this version on your android device and enjoy the game even if you do not own a PC.

Grab The Auto 5 APK


The game starts with the main character Michael, who, along with other characters, committed a robbery nine years ago. Now he meets Franklin, a gang leader, who gives him tasks.

The game lets you discover the whole underworld. Initially, you can join gangs and do the tasks they give you. Later, when you become famous in the underworld, you will work with big bosses.

The game offers you almost a second life where you can control the virtual city of San Andreas. You will fight with the police to take over the city and earn a big name for yourself.

The game gives you an adrenaline rush with HD graphics, gang fights, car thefts, crime action, and much more. You can grab a random auto and tease people along the way.

Features of Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk


Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk has the most stimulating graphics that make you obsessed with the game. The game has fancy cars waiting for you to steal them. The high-tech weapons will give you the experience of your life. You can steal money from people or do small jobs for money, like becoming a taxi driver.

You can roam around the city and interact with people. San Andreas has all the places that any famous city has. So, download the game and enjoy a whole new world of underworld crimes.

Variety of Missions

The game has a variety of missions. You will get quests from gangs to crazy strangers. You will get the meeting location on a letter with a question mark to interact with these people. Each character has a mark color, Franklin has green, Michael has blue, and Trevor has orange. Get to your mark to start the missions.

The missions are no joke. You can get a mission to kill an underworld gang boss, steal a vehicle, and mess with the police, sniper shooting, hacking, and much more. These thrilling challenges make the game this exciting and popular.


Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk has a multiplayer mode where you can play with others. You can invite your friends or play with anyone around the globe. You can complete missions together and gang up on others. There is also a quiet room to spend time alone and be creative.


You will get a chance to role-play and become any of the three characters. The three characters are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. All three characters have eight different skills: shooting, driving, combating, hacking, stealing, etc. You can switch roles anytime and switch to any of these characters while solving the missions.

The characters also have a customization option. You can change their costume and make them more like you. At the moment, there are only a few options available. However, I would love to see updates where I can change my character’s physical appearance and accessorize them with tattoos, etc.

Random Events

There are random events that you can get any time anywhere. There are 57 short assignments; to complete the game, you should be part of at least 14. These events can randomly pop up at any location. You can either get a blue or red dot.

Look at the dot you get when you see the radar light white. The blue dot shows that the event is neutral or at least started as neutral. The red dot shows an antagonist doing something evil. You can join these events and either help or stop them.

Apart from random events, you can indulge in various other events like dealing with dealers, buying and selling property, getting rid of chasing dogs, stealing, and much more.


One of the game’s most prominent features is its vehicles that you can steal, grab and drive anytime. The game is most popular for its cars. You can get fancy and powerful muscle cars and then even customize them.

The car thefts are thrilling and leave a lasting impression on the players. You can ride a sleek, fancy car, a tank, a helicopter, an airplane, a taxi, an ambulance, a bike, or anything you wish for.

Environment and Sound

The game is set in an open world that is very close to reality. You can visit any place like clubs, beaches, shops, police stations, cafes, or even own a house.

This whole world is designed for you to take over and make a name for yourself in the underworld. Moreover, the game has changing dynamics of weather. It can be sunny, cloudy, rainy, and everything you encounter in real life.

The sounds are super realistic. In real life, things around us make sounds like cars, engines, sirens, people, and more. In the same way, the game also has all of these sounds to give you as real experience as possible. Music option is also available.

Graphics and Effects

The game offers high-resolution HD graphics. You will get to play the game from a third-person perspective. The game has changing weather, day and night, and sounds and effects that are very natural.

Premium Features

All the features in the game’s original version must be unlocked through money. The mod version unlocks all the features without spending any money.

Unlimited Money

With premium features comes unlimited money. You can get as much cash as you want. In this game, money plays a vital role; just like in real life, money can help you buy anything. So. You can buy luxurious cars, houses, and much more.

Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks which can greatly help you. For a better game, follow the following tips and tricks to get the upper hand on other players in the game.

  • If you are a rough driver, change cars quickly.
  • Try to switch between characters more often.
  • Before switching to a character, learn about its skills.
  • You can use the house icon to save the game.
  • Understand the map and take more help from it.

Pros and Cons


  • The game is filled with luxurious cars.
  • A variety of missions grabs the attention of players.
  • Free premium features.
  • You will never see an advertisement.
  • Easy downloading process.
  • Mini games inside the game.
  • High-resolution graphics.


  • Although most premium features are free, some still need to be purchased.
  • A verified platform does not source the app.

Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk Specs

Platform: Android

Category: Game

Language: English

License: Free

Developer: Ping9 Games

Latest Update: 15-08-2022

How to Download Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk?

There are a variety of websites from where you can download this game. Please choose one of them wisely and stay safe from hackers and fake websites. Here is how you can download the game easily.

  • First, search for the game in your favorite web browser.
  • Next, choose a safe website and click the download button.
  • Then, go to your mobile setting and allow ‘unknown sources,’ or you can allow it directly if you get a pop up.
  • Wait for the game to finish downloading.
  • Now, go to your device’s ‘downloaded files or downloads.’
  • Choose the app name and click on it.
  • Now you will get a prompt; click the ‘install’ option.
  • Finally, after installation is complete, open the app and enjoy the game.


Which version of Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk is the latest?

The latest version of Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk is Grab the Auto 5 All Unlocked v1.0.0.8. Download it now for free.

Is Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk Latest Version an offline game?

No, Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk is not an offline game. Having a stable internet connection would be best to play this game smoothly.

What makes the Grab the Auto 5 mod apk version different from the apk version?

The mod apk version of the game unlocks all of the premium features of the game. The missions get easier, and you get unlimited money and no advertisements with HD graphics.

Is it safe to play Grab the Auto 5 Mod Apk?

Yes, the application itself is 100% safe. However, ensure that the website you download the game from is safe and authentic.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the game is packed with exciting actions, thrilling adventures, fancy cars, and much more. The game offers a new virtual world where you can rule the city with others. There is a whole new world of crime and underworld gangsters awaiting you. So, download and enjoy the bug-free version of the game now.

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