ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK v1.65.0 (One Hit, God Mode, Money)

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✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money


Explore how to download the Zombie Hunter MOD Apk and unlock all premium features of the game plus get enormous money.

Imagine a world where people are undead, walking around like robots and eating human flesh. You are the only one who has a gun and kills those undead zombies to save your life. It seems such an adventurous dream but now you can make it possible by playing a game. Your guess is accurate, we are talking about Zombie Hunter. But you cannot play the game for unlimited hours and use all kinds of weapons because, for this, you have to purchase a premium account.

Honestly, I like to play games but cannot afford premium accounts. Well, do not be upset because now I have found a way, the MOD version. It is an updated version of the game which is offering unlimited hours, a heavy amount of cash in the game, and unblocked weapons. I know you are curious to know more and want to download this version, for that, come along with me and download the Zombie Hunter MOD Apk.

Zombie Hunter MOD Apk

Zombie Hunter MOD Apk
Zombie Hunter MOD Apk

I was a fan of this game, but after running out of money in the game, I realized that the game wants me to purchase a premium account. How could I buy this account because no one wants to spend money on simulations?

Well, my friend advised me to play the MOD version and then I downloaded it. Downloading the Zombie Hunter MOD is easy to say but hard to do. Actually, it requires a bit more attention plus your system should have the capability to lift the game.

Anyhow, you might wonder why the MOD version is offering a list of features without charging a single penny. This question also came to my mind but after research, I concluded that most MOD versions are malware but not all of them. Anyway, this one is not malware, it is scanned and safe to use. You can examine its graphics, sound, and music quality. Everything is better than the original one. Here is a guide to downloading Zombie Hunter MOD APK.

Steps To Download Zombie Hunter MOD Apk

Steps To Download Zombie Hunter MOD Apk
Steps To Download Zombie Hunter MOD Apk

You can play this game on your cell phone and on your PC. I am going to discuss how to download it on both of them, I want to add, do not wait to finish the guide. Instead, start following my instructions and copy what I instruct. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Here we go!

Step 1

You can find the download button in the middle or at the bottom of the page. Once you find it, tap on the button. There are chances you do not see the word “Download” instead you encounter with “Click Here” or “Get Zombie Hunter. No matter what you see, click on the button and wait for it.

Step 2

If you are trying to download the game on your cell phone, then you may not find the button. For that, click on the three dots button on the up right side of the page. As you click, a drop-down list of the buttons will appear in front of you, here you need to find the “desktop size” option. If you spot it, tap on the button and the size of the page will be changed. You will fit the page on the tiny screen.

Step 3

Now you can see the whole page on the small screen, you will effortlessly spot the button. As you see it, tap on it and a small window will appear on the screen with two options: “Allow” and “Don’t allow”. Actually, the browser is asking permission to download the file. Once you tap on the allow, it will start downloading. But if you are using a PC, it will ask for a location. In my opinion, you should download it on the desktop.

Step 4

The downloading speed depends upon the speed of your internet, but a rough estimate is that the file will be downloaded within 3 minutes. Now we have two ways to catch the file; first, you can find it with the help of the browser, if you are using a cell phone. On the other hand, you can go to files. If you want to stay on the browser, tap on the three dots button, in the up right corner of your page, find the “Downloaded” option, and tap on it.

It will take you to the page where all downloads are visible, you can see the history of your downloaded files plus the recently downloaded file will be at the top of the page. On the other hand, go to the files for your cell phone, scroll down, or search “Download Files” and the folder will appear. Open it and the file is there, waiting for you.

What If I Am Using a PC?

Don’t worry, it is more convenient to spot a file on the PC. Open Chrome and press ctrl + j and a new tab will open with all downloaded files. Now the recently downloaded file will appear at the top of the page. Anyhow, you will see a button “Show in folder” Tap on it and the system will open a folder where the desired file is located.

How To Install Zombie Hunter MOD?

Here comes a great difference between the Play Store games and the APK files. When you download a file, the Play Store installs it automatically but here you have to install the file on your own. I have discussed the method to install the game on my cell phone below, read carefully!

  1. Once you spot the downloaded file, tap on it.
  2. A new page will open, see below, and the button “Install” is located.
  3. Tap on the button and then allow the installation.
  4. Wait for a moment, the installation will take a minute.
  5. Tap on “Finish” and go to the desktop, the file will appear there.

Features & Requirements


  • The player can customize his character in the game.
  • The MOD version provides unlimited money.
  • The MOD version offers all weapons including heavy guns unlocked.
  • The MOD version offers high-quality graphics.
  • More than one player can play in the MOD version.
  • Ads are not allowed in the MOD version.


  • 1 GB free space
  • 2 GB RAM capacity
  • 4.4 Android version
  • Good internet connection
  • Dual-core processor

Is It Safe To Play?

Usually, MOD versions are known for malware and viruses, they crash again and again. But if I tell you about this version, the Zombie Hunter MOD is scanned, it is developed for the sole purpose of entertainment. The game offers high-quality graphics, inexplicable sound quality, and ear-soothing music. Plus, it never crashes or stops the system, you can trust the game.

Final Verdict

I have been playing this game for months and it never crashed or stopped working. The thing I like about the game is that it liberated me from purchasing premium accounts. Now I save money and play Zombie Hunter for free. Anyhow, you can follow my footsteps to download the game. I have explained 4 simple steps to download the game on both PC and cell phone. I also mentioned the features of the game and its requirements.

In case you are unable to install the game, you can see the above simple methodology to install Zombie Hunter MOD. Plus, there is nothing doubtful, you can play games for hours. I hope this information will help you in the future, thank you!

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