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October 26, 2021
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Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) – a multiplayer action game in which you must fight and survive against zombies with an arsenal of weapons. There are cruise missiles that can be fired from drones as well! The developers have put maximally realistic features into this shooting mini-game, so it will feel like your real-life encounter is very close at hand when playing on Mobile.

Introduction About Zombie Gunship Survival

In just one year, this game has more than a million downloads on Google Play. It is also the most played and acclaimed smartphone app of all time!


The world is a dark and dreary place, with little hope left for humanity. The entire planet has been destroyed by zombies who only want to eat your brains or tear you apart limb from bloody limb!

The planet is a living hell. The endless conflicts have destroyed any semblance of order, and with chaos comes lawlessness; for criminals to roam free or mobs bent on destruction are everywhere you look in the world today – it seems like only one thing can stop them now: humanity itself!

You are one of the lucky groups to have survived this apocalyptic event. Now you must take up arms and drive out these nasty zombies who want nothing more than our land, food supply, or people as their next meal! It won’t be easy, though – after we’ve tracked down any cities that may still exist in order for us all to get away from the monsters, then your first task would be finding somewhere safe where I can start rebuilding my life now.

Main Features

Challenge zombies with incredible powers

A new Hero Wars zombie game has just been announced, and players will get to battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the nastiest enemies. The content is designed for console gamers who want an engaging experience that’s not too easy or hard on them but challenging enough where they can’t rest until they defeat all 68 different types of bad guys!

Make uses of all the available fire powers to effectively deal with your enemies and also minimize the casualties for your armies. Be a capable leader and come up with the right strategies and approaches when dealing with certain types of zombies.

Play Zombie Gunship Survival with friends

The game is available for both Android and iOS, so you can play it with your friends. In addition to this feature that allows players from around the world to connect in real-time!

You should feel free to discuss with them your in-game progress, show them what strategy works for you and learn new ideas from their army while competing against each other. Plus, it’s always cool when one person has a higher score than another!


In Zombie Gunship Survival, you have the option of choosing from 30 different types of weapons. At first, your arsenal will consist of three guns: 25mm autocannon, 40mm automatic gun and Gatling gun; however, as you progress through gameplay, earning bonuses on quests that require killing zombies with these cannons or other items can upgrade them all! The faster-firing options are best against short-range creatures, while heavier calibre rifles work better at longer ranges where accuracy isn’t imperative because wide salvos suffice in devastating large groups.

In this game, you are fighting to protect the world. There are two types of zombies- tiny walking ones and huge running fast ones! You can fight them in different maps with varying difficulty levels, but they’re not going down without a good old fashioned fight, so it’s up YOURSELF (and your friends) whether or not humanity has any chance at survival.


  1. Bunker Charlie: The map is surrounded by hills.
  2. Bakersfield: As an industrial power plant, there’s a train that runs through it every few minutes and can be heard from any point on the grounds of this large prison-like structure known as “The Bunker”. 
  3. Pleasant Acres: also features roads around its house for those who drive or walk their prisoners outside during work weekdays when they aren’t being watched over by security cameras like all other days.
  4. Lockdown: The new map is released. It feels like a large prison with walls surrounded.

Graphics and Sound


This game has amazing visuals and addictive gameplay! With Zombie Gunship Survival, Android users can find themselves hooked to the action with power-ups that provide air sniping challenges as well as ground battles. Experience impressive visual effects in this fast-paced shooter on your phone or tablet device.


And for those of you who are avid gamers, this game will be an exciting addition to your library. The sound effects and voices in the audio make it more immersive!

Zombie Gunship MOD APK Version 

The Zombie Gunship Survival Mod APK is a modified version of the game designed to be more challenging. The unlimited sniper shots are available without overheating your guns, which will enable you to unleash endless amounts of bullet hell onto any zombies and criminals in sight! And don’t worry about downloading it – just visit our website today for all information related to downloads.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Overheating

Download Zombie Gunship Survival mod Apk latest 1.6.40 for Android

Zombie Gunship Survival, a new game for Android and iOS, has been released. This is proof that zombie games are never outdated! Download this fun title via the links below to see what all of your friends at school work think about it when you bring them into contact with zombies again.



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