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October 13, 2021
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University Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a new clicker game from the Codigames studio. This time, you get to be in charge and make your own rules for what goes on at this University! Open up faculty buildings and laboratories or research facilities across all areas of study and even build a campus-wide laundromat.

Do professional work as a talented businessman.

The two positions that make up a private university are the principal and manager. The former is responsible for overseeing all aspects of teaching, learning, professional skills improvement, and working with academic staff; while also being experienced nature themselves. They must balance these responsibilities effectively, not become too much on their plate or cause them any stress overload. After all, they have other things going on at school!

In public schools, the roles of Manager and Principal are often merged in one position. University Empire Tycoon is a simulation game that takes you to the standard university model with all its quirks- from joining clubs on campus or trying out for sports teams to getting your grades posted online before term starts!

As a university general manager, your job responsibilities will include expertise and business. You are the CEO of this institution, so you must have both skillsets to oversee such an important role on campus successfully!

Always attention to an important score.

Reputation is a game-changer. It affects all of the important in-game goals: it’s an overall score to gauge your school’s quality and reliability, relative comparison for you decide which teachers or

professors are right for you based on what other universities ranking looks like where they fall within this scale.

One way to build a good reputation is by teaching. Whether it’s at school, online or in-person – you have the responsibility of helping others and showing them what they need for success. As long as one factor goes backward (teacher experience), students will see their scores decrease gradually while revenue also decreases accordingly over time if this continues unchecked- so take care!

Manage your Staff

Manage your University wisely to make it profitable. Your team needs an efficient working group, and you must be a great boss in order for them all to work together well as they should create results with the best efficiency possible! Hire workers depending on what kind of workflow or strategy is needed: maintenance personnel if there are buildings needing cleaning up after students have been playing around; office staff members who deal strictly inside business matters such as invoices; teachers from subjects like math or science, which will teach future engineers some skills needed while employed here at my school.

Graphics and Sound


University Empire Tycoon is a simple, smooth 2D game with full details displayed on the screen and no mess. The fine colour scheme of the Uni’s landscape makes you more inspired in playing it when compared to other games out there that use drab colours or low-resolution graphics because their simplicity distracts from gameplay rather than enhancing player interest like this one. Does for me!

The gameplay is easy to understand and enjoy. Just touch the screen in any direction or tap it with your finger, drag where you want to go while still keeping an eye on options that will open up for choosing from – what matters most here, though, should be how each choice affects future ones!


The sound is not much, just a few simple effects. But it also makes the game experience more interesting to listen and watch in awe at how each event unfolds before you!

University Empire Tycoon MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money

University Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Are you looking to take over University? Then, download University Empire Tycoon and play a game of political intrigue!



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