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  • Use the auto-click option for a specified period.
  • Choose to click one or more positions.
  • Perform repetitive actions in different locations.
  • Easily set up auto-click.
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.Download the Twitter MOD APK to ban advertisements, download media to your gallery, customize themes, and more for free.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, but your experience is often limited due to slow processing, advertisements, bans by State, and more. To expand your Twitter experience, download the Twitter MOD APK which gives you access to all premium features and delivers better GUI, surfing, and more.

Twitter MOD APK


Twitter is a social media platform developed by Twitter Inc., which is an American company based in San Francisco, California. It was initially a networking platform where users can get to know about trending news, but with time Twitter has introduced many features to make the application advance and more user-friendly, in a nutshell.

Twitter is now takeover by Elon Musk and is among the most popular social networking and media platforms worldwide. Well, it’s not overrated, but popular for many reasons including its top-notch interface, excellent user experience, graphics, and everything.

Twitter not only allows you to follow trends and news, but also is a platform where you can express your thoughts, share media with your friends and followers, download pictures that you like, copy texts, retweet others’ tweets, and so on. Celebrities and icons have their official Twitter accounts with badge icons and you can follow your favorites over the app to see their stories and life things.

Twitter is, however, banned in some countries temporarily or for short notice due to political affairs, security, and other reasons. Also, in some countries, you cannot get access to all of its features which limits your experience, in a nutshell. To expand your Twitter time and get access to all its premium and non-premium features, you need to download the Twitter MOD APK.

For your information, the Twitter MOD APK is the modified version of Twitter that not only gives you access to all of its features, but also gives you the same platform with better graphics, a wide menu, and an overall broader experience. For example, you can download media, comment, share, and retweet ideas and thoughts, ban advertisements that you don’t like, customize the theme, and much more.

Most of the users think that using Twitter MOD APK is not as safe as using Twitter, so they survive in the limited experience. If you think the same, you better don’t fool yourself! There are no safety risks associated with the Twitter MOD APK, especially if you download it from a protected website.

Don’t worry! In this article, I’ll not only share the key features of Twitter MOD APK but also the procedure to download it. So, let’s not spare a minute and start this fruitful discussion:

Twitter MOD APK—What’s New?

Twitter MOD APK—What’s New?
Twitter MOD APK—What’s New?

Tweet Your Thoughts, Ideas, and Everything

If you think that using Twitter MOD APK will limit your experience, you’re wrong because the MOD APK version allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, and everything the same as Twitter’s original version. The thing which makes the MOD APK different is its graphics and quality. It displays things in a more vivid and visually better way to improve your experience.

Love, Comment, Share, and Download

You can love, comment, share, and download the tweets of your friends. In the normal version of Twitter, you cannot download the videos, but that’s not the case with the Twitter MOD APK. The Twitter MOD APK allows you to download the videos and pictures you like on Twitter in your phone’s gallery. Then you can edit or may directly post the content on other platforms as well.

In addition, you can also copy the tweets on Twitter MOD APK in your phone’s clipboard and paste it wherever you like. Mostly, I copy tweets and use them for my picture’s captions or statuses, etc. I mean that’s how it works.

Follow Your Favorites

As I said earlier, celebrities and icons have their official Twitter accounts, which are normally represented by the blue badge. You can follow your favorite celebrities using Twitter MOD APK as well as follow their tweets and updates on their life.

Retweet Other’s Thoughts

Not only you can see the tweets and save them to the gallery, but also you can retweet the tweet of others on your profile. For instance, if you link someone’s thoughts on a particular topic or someone has shared a video or picture with a good caption, you can retweet it as it is on your account. Then it will be there on your timeline and your followers can see it.

Follow The Trends

You can also follow the trends on the Twitter MOD APK, for example, related to political affairs, the Hollywood industry, entertainment, Netflix, technology, or whatever you like to see on the account. I think this is what makes Twitter different from other social media platforms.

Ban Advertisements

The best thing about Twitter MOD APK is that you can ban advertisements that you don’t like. I get frustrated when an ad pops up on my Twitter timeline; it is just irritating, and sometimes Twitter ads are very odd and different from what you want to see or usually scroll on the account. To get rid of unwanted advertisements, you need to download the Twitter MOD APK.

How To Install Twitter MOD APK?

How To Install Twitter MOD APK
How To Install Twitter MOD APK

You can install the Twitter MOD APK on your phone in simple steps. All you need to do is to open the internet browser and search the Twitter MOD APK in the search bar and press enter. You’ll see a couple of links on the screen and among all you need to choose one with the highest ranking. I downloaded Twitter MOD APK using the following link:

When you open the link, you will see a prominent download button on the screen. Click on the download button and install the file on your phone. Wait for the installation to get complete and give permissions for download from the external source and open application. Now log in to your Twitter account if you already have one and run the Twitter MOD APK for free.

If you don’t have a Twitter account or want to create one, please click on sign up and enter your details. It will ask for your name, email address, contact, and password. Fill in all the required fields, link, and verify the account (Google account, Yahoo,etc.), and you’re done.


Yes, you can download pictures and copy text from the Twitter original version. But by using the Twitter MOD APK, you can also save the videos in your gallery.

Yes, the Twitter MOD APK version is better than the Twitter original in the context of the user interface, features, and usability. In this article, I have explained the Twitter MOD APK features in detail, swipe up to read.

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