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July 17, 2020
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Traffic Rider MOD APK is an amazing game that will take you on the most immersive and accurate motorcycle simulation ride ever! With our reviews, be sure to check it out.

About Traffic Rider

Motor racing games are always a popular topic for discussion. From high-end car racing to motorcycle riding, there is an endless variety of choices that any gamer can get into! But not all motor racers have the same appeal or quality when it comes down to gameplay and graphics; one such game worth mentioning on this list would be Sonar Kara’s Traffic Rider with its amazing physics engine coupled with beautiful 3D graphics which has been installed over hundred millions times worldwide already making it more than just “famous” but truly timeless in its design philosophy as well.

Traffic Racer does not have any ads, but the way in which Sonar Kara places their adverts is very cleverly done. For example, they only occupy a small part of your main screen, and at the end of each game, you can click an x to turn them off – or even better yet, play another one!


The game offers an engaging and addictive experience as players take control of their own bikers in the ultimate adventure.

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The challenging gameplay is designed for those who enjoy a challenge, with plenty to do on every level!

You can drive with the real-life accuracy of what’s happening on your screen. Feel like you’re on a crowded highway, and feel all those cars zooming by as they go about their day! The graphics are incredible for such an old game; it is just amazing how much detail has gone into this simulator experience to make driving so immersive.

Main Features

Simple controls System

The simple controls let you start playing without any difficulties, and the tilt control offers a more immersive gameplay experience. You can also use in-app features like borrowing bikes or unlocking new levels easily with these easy-to-access options!

Multiple camera view option

Developers are always looking for new ways to make games more immersive and enjoyable. One of the latest trends in gaming is choosing from multiple camera angles, so you can experience a variety of different views while playing your favorite titles. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then be sure to check out our post on how Virtual Reality will change gaming forever!

Dozens of bikes are available. 

Gamers in Traffic Rider will have themselves being introduced to dozens of different motorbikes that are available on today’s market. Hop on your favorite ride and cruise through crowded streets with multiple vehicles! There are currently 29 moto bikes, each having its own stats, plus new updates are coming, which would satisfy any gamer like yourself looking for some fresh content – while still providing old favorites as well!

Graphics and Sound


The graphics in this game are so realistic that you can’t help but want to play. Take your driving hobby or any other passion for a car and bike on mobile devices with Traffic Rider! The beautifully designed vehicles will make it feel like an authentic motorbike simulation (which is what we all need).


The Traffic Rider Environment is immersive and realistic thanks to the accurate sounds effects. With motor-recorded life, you can experience what it might be like if a car was passing by your side while biking through traffic or immerse yourself in an amazing environment full of real-life elements for miles!

Traffic Rider MOD Version

If you find yourself addicted to the game, it is possible that ads might get on your nerves. However, with our Traffic Rider Mod APK installed and running properly in conjunction with one another, they can be completely eliminated from playing at all! Just download and install as instructed by us – once this has been done, then everything will be unlocked, so go ahead and enjoy without interruption or worry about any kind of monetization requirement whatsoever.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Traffic Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

Traffic Rider has a lot of different things: many game modes, maps, and arcades. With more than 40 levels, you will have many memorable experiences in this fun-filled motorcycle racing game! The graphics are eye-catching as well, with the superbikes that riders can choose from for their adventure through traffic circles around town or on open road trips where they face challenging opponents who want to stop them at all costs – but it’s up RideRiders’*a**to make sure there aren’t any major crashes along the way.

What's new

- Added 2 new motorbikes
- Various improvements and bug fixes


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