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October 1, 2021
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Top Speed Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) is a game of intense Speed. Here You are racing against other cars, and your only focus becomes timing gear changes to perfection in this ultimate drag racing experience on mobile devices!


Top Speed is a drag racing game where you just need to hit the gas when it’s time. The car will automatically accelerate throughout your journey on screen, complete with an accurate speedometer and blue areas that indicate high-speed country roads or city streets!

The game is designed to be challenging with a variety of obstacles and opponents. Top Speed provides an excellent way for users to test their reaction time as they race against the clock in one lap, but it’s not easy because you only have a few opportunities throughout each level where touching actually matters (the screen). If your hand doesn’t stop over the blue area before then timer hands reach zero or twice without any warning from either side, you’re pretty much doomed! There are still plenty of opportunities, though. If AI makes enough mistakes during gameplay-they’ll offer themselves again, so just take advantage when given.


With the game’s innovative drag racing, Android gamers can enjoy a much more refreshing and unique style of a racetrack. The controls are simple: all you need to do is pick up your Speed with swipes on screen! There won’t be any obstacles or other cars around that might distract from this fun experience as well since everything else happens in real-time for an unrivalled level of reactivity.

The world of racing is a fascinating place where you can experience anything from Formula One cars to muscle machines. It’s not just about being the fastest. It also involves strategy and skill! The customization options for these vehicles are endless – so put on some parts or customize your ride however best suits what kind of challenge mode gameplay that will take part in today: drag races down winding mountain roads? Flat-out sprints over country fields with no obstacles between us and our goal line at last night’s party race?! You decide how fast we go here. 

You are about to embark on an exciting journey as a novice but daring racer who wishes for the top spot. Find yourself surrounded by all kinds of interesting racers, fighting against them in order to make your way through this city and thrive over others while at the same time becoming involved with cops or mafia? Who knows what will happen next!? A lot of fun begins here, so don’t miss out!

Main Features

Amazing game modes with interesting challenges

The game is a thrilling and exciting adventure with many different modes to keep players hooked. There are arcade games, challenges that require skilful driving. It’s all up to you how much time or money they want from your wallet!

Experience 5 different areas and races with local gangs.

As you dive into your drag racing career, it won’t be long before 5 different districts in the game have opened up for business. Here are where all-new challenges await as well as unique local gangs that each bring their own style of how to race against this great sport and other vehicles that can’t be found anywhere else on earth! Race through these themes with an exciting battle royal waiting at every turn.

Feel free customizations on car

Every car lover has a deep love for cars. Some people may not know what they are, but that’s no reason to stop anyone who wants one! For all of you gearheads out there with an appetite for speed and customization options alike; this game will be sure to fulfil your desires like never before as it features over 50 different types of motors in addition to custom paint jobs & body designs perfect even if gamers want more than just their ride looking cool on the street.

Graphics and Sound


Rocket. Rocket to the finish line! You and your friends will love this drag racing game from T-Bull, where you can experience authentic car designs with realistic graphics as well as stunning tracks that are immersive in every way possible. It is time for some high octane fun on an adjustable graphics setting.


Gamers in Top Speed will also find themselves enjoying the epic audio and music. Dive into this amazing soundtrack as you get caught up with awesome races, or listen to powerful roars that introduce car crashes for a more immersive experience!

Top Speed MOD APK Version

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is a game where players can enjoy unlimited purchases and ad-free experiences. The modified gameplay in this racer offers you access to the fully unlocked content for free, which has always been nice knowing!

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Top Speed APK + Mod (Unlimited Money) for Android

Top Speed is not your average drag racing game. It has a number of unique features and content that makes it worth checking out, such as leaderboards in street mode or versus battles against bosses at their tracks! If you love car racing games, then Top Speed should be on top of your list for this year’s releases.



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