They Are Coming MOD APK

Here’s why They Are Coming Mod Apk is an addictive game with an apocalyptic world where players fight zombies with heavy weapons and traps.

Are you searching for a simple action game? Today I will tell you about a game that does not have a complex plot and context, which is hard to understand. Games are becoming more story-centered, with much context to analyze that throws one off. They Are Coming Mod Apk is a simple survival game that allows users to play and fight instantly.

They Are Coming Mod Apk is a game on surviving a zombie apocalypse. You will have to fight them and be tactful to trick them. If you love The Walking Dead and All of Us Are Dead, you will love this game. The game’s simplicity is one reason for its popularity; you must be in combat with zombies and survive to win.

They Are Coming Mod Apk

They Are Coming MOD APK
They Are Coming MOD APK

The mod apk version of They Are Coming is the latest. This version allows players easy controls and more damage capacity. Mod versions unlock powerful premium skills without any advertisements.

Game Overview

The game starts with the player being the only survivor of the zombie apocalypse at the moment. The undead people take over the post-apocalypse world and infect everyone around them. The chaotic, dystopian world has few survivors who need a survivor to rescue them. Luckily, you will be that soldier and fight the infection off.

The game has exciting tools for you to play with, like a survivor suit, folding chair, firepower, and weapons like m1928 and m1 grenade. You will see turrets in the game and use them to keep your resources like food and weapons safe. You will get to make a squad as well.


Various exciting features of the game make it thrilling and adventurous. The game is packed with addictive action play and battles. To get the upper hand on your foes, continue reading this article.


There are multiple modes in this game. You can choose among a variety of fun modes. You will never get a chance to get bored with this game. There is a god mode where you get more lives and give more damage to your enemies.

My favorite mode is the defensive castle mode, where you get the advantage of fencing and shooting enemies with snipers above the turret. The ferocious zombies come in waves; you must kill them before they catch you.

The game allows multiple strategies like setting a trap, shooting, snipping, and using heavy weapons against enemies. Players can get the option of choosing from a variety of maps. Once you start fighting, zombies from around the place come rushing toward the sound. To put them down, you can set traps and pits so that they can fall in them.

Make your Arsenal Collection

The game starts on simple terms, and the players do not get a lot of weapons at the start. Once you start progressing, your collection will increase. You can use weapons like bombs, pistols, axes, hammers, guns, etc. Before starting a level, you must gather the knowledge on the weapons to use them smartly because they cannot be used in every mode.

Unlock New Skills and Talents

To win against the swarm of zombies, you must constantly fight intense battles and use combinations of skills and weapons to kill the enemies. Upgrade your weapons and skills regularly, and play new modes and levels to unlock your skills and powers.

You can unlock accessories, bombs, traps, powerful armor, guns, skills, powers, and turrets. Combine your resources to cause more damage, learn to be tactful, and play smartly against the undead foes.

Strong Defensive Mechanism

The zombies come in waves to attack you. Each time you progress, the enemies get stronger and more tactful. New zombies come with new ways to get you. To get victory over them, you will need a strong defensive mechanism.

The game offers multiple tools, but it is up to you how to be creative with them. You can set traps and make pits around your area, wear powerful armor, and use high-level weapons to make a strong defensive mechanism against zombies.

Graphics and Sounds

Most games nowadays have HD life-like graphics, but this game has a simple pixel graphic style. Everything, including your character and the zombies, is made of squares. This kind of graphics gives the game a unique and relaxing effect.

The colors are coordinated beautifully both in light and dark modes. The minimalist graphics combined with the creepy and scary sounds of zombies and shooting sounds create a real battlefield experience.

Find a Shelter and Stay Alive

To survive against the ferocious zombies, you must find shelter and collect and arrange your resources. You can make allies and let them help you to survive. Construct shelters and homes to protect you during the nighttime. Divide the tasks among your squad so that everyone gets some time.

Engage yourself in Battles

To make yourself stronger, the game allows you to fight as many battles as possible. With every battle, you will get stronger; and unlock many gifts. Many exciting levels can only be unlocked if you fight to a certain level.

There are different game modes that you can play solo or with your friends. With each level, battles will become more challenging to engage the players. Otherwise, the game will become boring.


To give the players a sense of appreciation, the game offers a lot of prizes with every victory. Players can get money just by roaming around. The gifts include surprise prize boxes, guns, health, armor, etc. These prizes will help you during the battles and keep you alive.

Apart from the prizes, the players also enjoy fighting the battles. The graphic battles between you and undead monsters help improve your focus and decision-making skills.

Simple Controls

The game has easy controls that allow high efficiency. The players must tap on the screen’s right side to shoot the enemies. The simple controls make it easier to dodge the enemies’ attack and move quickly. It allows the players to target the weak points of the zombies and fire at them instantly.

Make Friends

To survive the apocalypse, you will have to make some friends. Allies will help you in surviving; they will bring you valuable gifts. Make furry friends to knock down zombies; they will be your best companions.

Unlimited Playtime

You will get unlimited playtime in the playground or god mode. Players can relax and kill zombies in this mode. This mode enables direct access to settings to change the game mode. If you are in a battle and you reach a level where you cannot manage to kill the zombies, you can change the difficulty level of the game directly.

Play this mode to unlock gifts and weapons. You can increase your points here and earn money. Unlock your weapons first and then play this mode to upgrade them.

Challenging Battles

The game has a proper format—the zombies attack from the right side of the horizontal screen. You will have to shoot them as soon as possible. Besides shooting, tactfulness will be of great help. The level of difficulty increases with every new chapter. The game will become challenging, and the enemies will get stronger.

Mod Version

  • One hit.
  • God mode.
  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems and diamonds.
  • High dame.
  • Unlocked characters.

How to Download They Are Coming Mod Apk?

There are multiple websites which are offering free downloading of the game. Some are fake and send bugs and viruses to your device to damage it. Please be sure of the authenticity of a website before downloading the game.

  • First, go to any search engine on your device and type ‘They Are Coming Mod Apk’.
  • Next, choose a safe website and start downloading the game.
  • Wait for a minute to finish downloading.
  • After downloading, go to the ‘downloaded files’ on your device.
  • Then, find this file and press the ‘install’ button when you get the notification.
  • Finally, open the game and enjoy.

If there is an issue with downloading or opening the game, go to your device’s settings and allow unknown sources. This way, you will be able to download the game without any difficulty.


Is They Are Coming Mod Apk safe?

Yes, the game is 100% safe to play. Please note that the apkreach is safiest websites you download can be fake and unsafe.

Is They Are Coming Mod Apk a free game?

Yes, They Are Coming Mod Apk is a free game. You can download it for free.

Are the They Are Coming Mod Apk game’s graphics old?

No, the graphics of They Are Coming Mod Apk are not old. They are designed in pixel style, and this gives them their uniqueness. Once you start playing the game, it feels very relaxing and cool.

Why do you need permission to download They Are Coming Mod Apk?

Your device prevents downloads from non-verified sources; therefore, google prompts you whenever you try to download something. This game is safe; you only need to ‘allow unknown sources’ on your device.


In short, They Are Coming Mod Apk is an exciting game. Enjoy the unending battles with the undead and acquire great weapons like rifles, guns, bombs, hammers, etc. The game’s unique graphics, easy control, and thrilling fights are what make the game addictive. There is no complex plot and context. Just download the game, open it, and enjoy surviving the apocalypse.

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