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October 26, 2021
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A world where the zombies have won, humanity is on its last legs, and death is everywhere. The State of Survival MOD APK features intense survival challenges in a battle-ravaged post-apocalyptic landscape with most people having been turned into mindless monsters or dead from starvation – it will take more than just luck for you to survive!


As the zombies come alive and start to feed off of their dwindling human prey, a few survivors are left to face this ultimate challenge. But, unfortunately, only one will survive in an all-out fight against ghouls, eager only to bite into fresh meat!

It can be difficult to find your way out when you’re faced with a new survival situation. But by joining forces with others and sticking together as much as possible, there are better chances that no one will die alone in this world full of monsters waiting for their chance at prey who don’t know any different.

You’ll need to build up your bases wisely if you want any hope of victory. You can do this by gathering more survivors, collecting food and supplies from the world around you in order for them not only to survive but also thrive while taking on enemies that will come at first sight.

Build your army and Defeat the zombie

In a world where the infection has taken over, it’s survival of the fittest. The military and government have gone underground in order to survive this new era filled with zombies and monsters that want nothing more than your brains on their plate. It would be naive for you not to prepare yourself against all odds before they come knocking at knock-out time!

The plague is spreading at an alarming rate. The people need a hero to save them, and you can make friends or enemies in this adventure! You will have access to different weapons for your survival: ranged guns that shoot zombies with precision from afar (fps mode), swords against other humans on the battlefields–whatever it takes so death doesn’t take too many lives.

State of Survival is a free-to-play MMORPG that pits you against the infected. Build your very own city in this post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce, and it won’t be easy to survive!


It’s never easy to find a cure for something that killed millions. Dr. Yamazaki has somehow managed it, though – his project is next on your list of objectives, and you’ll have plenty of support with the help he can provide from researchers in his lab as well as warriors who act more like heroes than soldiers. But there are those pesky zombies still around too! You must defend yourself while searching through trashcans or going into danger-filled areas where only one company comes back alive.

The ideal candidate will be the one who can help us bring back civilization. In addition, they must have strategic thinking and passion for restoring society as well as being active in their own right, not just someone passive waiting around while others take action!

State of Survival is the ultimate civilization-building simulation game. You’ll have control over your own time, work in a dangerous and rewarding world with flexible hours that will allow you to command at home from anywhere! 

In addition, players are given helpful tools such as cutting edge technologies like axes or maces for reaching their target audience while also being able to make history by restoring this land back into its thriving state once more.

Main Features

Win a Daily rewards

State of Survival features a rewards system that offers players daily opportunities to win exciting prizes. With stacking bonuses, you’ll find yourself accumulating more and more interesting items over time!

Play the game with friends and online worldwide players

And for those of you who’re interested in multiple online games, You can join friends and online gamers in the world-saving battle against zombies. Join forces together as one cohesive unit! With Alliance gameplay, there are plenty of options available. Either participate by joining an existing alliance or create your own. It’s all up to how well strategize that suits your needs best.

Unique heroes with Amazing abilities

Then there are the heroes. Each with their own abilities and skills, they can be used to build up your ultimate squad for taking down zombies or overcoming challenges that stand in a line of sight from goal attainment! These missions aren’t easy, though; make use of these versatile warriors’ special powers while completing them successfully – it’s worth all those hours spent leveling up just so you don’t get left behind on this battlefield.

Graphics and Sound


The State of Survival is a beautiful and detailed 3D graphics game for Android that takes you into the atmospheric environments of an epic zombie survival nightmare. Piles upon piles covered in rubbles, groups are roaming about with dead eyes or just walking around lifelessly on their own accord–this world has it all! With immersive setups as well as high-quality visuals to make your experience feel like real life instead of playing dress-up – no matter what type of person we’re talking about here at Creative Content Agency; everyone will be hooked after only 10 minutes when they start experiencing this amazing VR tech demo right now!


State of Survival is an immersive virtual reality game that has been designed to captivate the player with sound. It features intuitive sounds and music, making it easy for players new or old alike on Android devices!

How to Install State of Survival MOD APK?

  1. Download MOD APK of State of Servival from the given link
  2. Install the APK file.
  3. Now, Open State of Survival APK and Enjoy the All Unlocked MOD Features.

State of Survival MOD APK Version

The State of Survival has its fair share of ads, and some players might find them quite annoying. Fortunately for you, though, we have a modified version (with unlimited money) available on our website as well! In addition to that, no cooldown hack enables skill attacks without limit, so battles will be more interesting than ever before in this game.

In order to get started, simply visit the state of survival mod apk through the Given Link Below.

MOD Features

  • No Skill CD
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited money

Download State of Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

State of Survival is a game that promotes solidarity and intelligence in humankind. We are able to overcome all when we have some hope, no matter how small it may be!


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