Romance Club MOD APK v1.0.14622: Enjoy Unlimited Money

Romance Club is a simulation game that includes romance, love, thrill, action, horror scenes, fantasy, and many more emotions. The game is composed of multiple stories, but not all of them are freely available. But, there is no need to worry because in Romance Club MOD APK you can get access to all features of this game for free of cost. Let’s discover how!

Romance Club MOD APK

Romance Club MOD APK
Romance Club MOD APK

Romance Club is a popular adult game that is developed by “Your Store Interactive”. In the game, you can choose your own style and enroll in amazing stories of real-life romance. The best thing about Romance Club is that it has no specific genre as it involves fantasy, adventure, drama, horror scenes, supernatural emotions, and whatnot.

The game also stands out for its extravagant graphics that are pretty straightforward yet attractive for every player. It is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. However, the normal version of Romance Club which is available on the Play Store and App Store contains advertisements, paid features, and so on.

If you want to avail all those premium options, unlimited money, and gems, and unlock all the stories of immense romance, you need to get the Romance Club MOD APK. For your information, the Romance Club MOD APK is a modified version of Romance Club that lets you customize your character, select the avatars, choose the partner of your choice, design outfits, and whatnot regardless of the cost.

In short, you’ll get unlimited money and gems to buy and get whatever you want in the game. Isn’t it incredible? However, there are tons of questions that are not addressed yet like different stories in Romance Club, key features, and so on. In this blog, I’ll share everything about the Romance Club MOD APK for your assistance, so stay tuned.

Application Name

Romance Club

App Developer

Your Story Interactive

App Latest Version


Genre/ Category


System Requirement

Android 5.1

App Size

25 MB

MOD APK Features

Menu and Premium choices

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Google Play (

Version Last Updated On

April 06, 2023

Romance Club MOD APK Stories

The Romance Club lets you experience adult stories. It has an amazing and unique storyline that allows you to make choices of your own like a partner you want, the character you wish to become, and so on. It would be right to say that this is a thriller game that takes you to another level of fantasy and imagination.

The stories in Romance Club are related to many different genres including romance, revenge, love, comedy, and so on. You can ride in-depth in any of the genres of your choice. That’s something unique and special about the Romance Club MOD APK as it unlike other games won’t restrict your movements in the game and gives you freedom in everything.

Well, you get two options in the Romance Club to ride through unexpected stories where you, as a main character, are not aware of the future. You can join the fantasy that you think you most desire as the control is in your hands. Let’s see some of the high-level stories in Romance Club MOD APK:

Dreams & Heartbreak

Romance Club is a creative and fun game that includes a lot of stories and series, and among all the Dreams & Heartbreak is my favorite story. It is a continuation of the former series called My Hollywood Story and lets you make choices at almost every step. The choices you made in the story will take you to the distinctive pathways which provoke an interest in the game.

In Dreams & Heartbreak, you’re playing an actress role, who came to the Bollywood world to complete her dreams. So the scenario is that the decisions or choices you made in the game will impact or reflect the story or future of the actress.


Moonborn is another interesting story in the Romance Club MOD APK. If you fantasize about vampires, you’ll definitely love this story. It includes vampire fun, romance, revenge, sensuousness, curse, and whatnot. In the story, you are saved by the pirates and now you have to prove yourself by helping the Aztec.

Fall In Love, Romance, & Date

If you’re more into royal diaries, this story is definitely for you. In the story, a girl goes far away in search of her love and a kingdom. She desperately wants to be a member of the royal family. Later on, a handsome and dashing prince will fall in love with that girl and this will change her life completely. This story of Romance Club MOD APK sounds like an old novel story, right?

Romance Club MOD APK Gameplay

As I said earlier, the gameplay of the Romance Club MOD APK is quite impressive. It comes with high-quality graphics and a straightforward menu and display. In the modified version, every menu in the game is open to you for free of cost. Players can make choices about each and every step in the game and every time you choose something, it reflects and changes the future which develops an interest.

If you have not played a simulation game before, it will not be difficult for you to run Romance Club MOD APK because of its simple interface. However, if you still feel any difficulty, you can see the free trailers available within the game. There is no need to individually search for anything because the Your Story Interactive has already included everything within the game.

Romance Club MOD APK Premium Features

The Romance Club MOD APK gives you access to all premium and locked features in the original version of Romance Club. You get free money, gems, crystals, diamonds, and coffee from the main menu anytime. To get these free things, you need to open the main menu and then settings. Now click on the upper right corner button to view the list.

The thing that I love the most about the Romance Club MOD APK is that it is free of advertisements. It also gives you access to the locked FX settings on all devices. You can customize the appearance, clothing, and expression of the avatar and fall in love with a person of your choice and have a romantic and loving relationship.

In the Romance Club MOD APK, you can go on dates, make decisions and choose your destiny with freedom. In short, the Romance Club MOD APK is full of fantasy, drama, love, and more.

Install Romance Club MOD APK

To install the Romance Club MOD APK, you need to simply open the browser and write Romance Club MOD APK download in the search bar and press enter. A couple of links will appear on the screen, and among all, I found these two most reliable: and

After opening any of these sites, scroll down to find the download link and tap on it. Click on the install app option and you’ll see that the Romance Club MOD APK is downloading to your device. If it is not installed yet, go to the settings of your device and give permission for download from an unknown source. Wait for the installation, and enjoy Romance Club’s modified version for free.


What are the best stories in Romance Club?

“Dreams and Heartbreak”, “Moonborn”, and “Fall in Love, Romance, and Date” are my favorite stories in the Romance Club. You can discover more in the game as everyone has different tastes.

Is Romance Club Russian?

Romance Club was initially developed in Russian and English, but the game is now available in eight different languages. You can change the language from the settings.

What are the features of Romance Club MOD APK?

Romance Club MOD APK gives you access to all paid, unpaid, and premium features that are not available in the game at initial levels. It offers access to all high-level stories, customization features, awards, and more.

The Bottom Line

Romance Club is a simulation game that includes action, romance, revenge, love, thrill, horror, and whatnot. It includes multiple stories, awards, and customization features, but some of them are paid. To get all the things for free, you need to install the Romance Club MOD APK. In this article, I have provided a guide to downloading MOD APK for Romance Club, don’t forget to read!

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