Project QT MOD APK v16.0 (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage)

Here is why Project Qt Mod Apk is an anime-based action-packed game with epic battles, beautiful superwomen, a solid storyline, and endings.

Are you bored of traditional survival games? You have come to the right place. Today I will tell you about a game with everything: good music, action, battles, HD graphics, and beautiful warriors. Project Qt Mod Apk is the perfect option if you love anime games. This game is a pro version of the Project Qt Apk.

The Project Qt Mod Apk is an action-packed game with the best graphics. It allows you to save the world with your chivalric tricks, along with beautiful superwomen. The game has some in-app purchases and restrictions but numerous free features that keep the players engaged.

Project Qt Mod Apk

What Makes Project Qt Mode Apk Different From Other Games?

What Makes Project Qt Mode Apk Different From Other Games
What Makes Project Qt Mode Apk Different From Other Games

There are billions of racing and survival games on the market. So you might be thinking about what makes this game different from others. Well, this game not only has action and adventures but also offers a romantic feast.

The game has beautiful anime girls who will be your partners and save the world from enemies alongside you. It is an easier version of Project Qt Apk so that you can complete the tasks easily and in less time with easy control.

The goodies are also modified; you will get unlimited money, cheats, gems, and coins. The anime girls have super-specified superpowers, and their abilities include thunder, wind, storm, etc.

The game has great anime novels. The challenges include preventing a viral infection from spreading throughout the planet, battles with people from other planets, and an outbreak of a whole army.

About the Game

The game starts and proceeds with a solid storyline and has evolved characters and beautiful anime female warriors. It grabs attention with a romantic touch on the battlefield in a life-and-death situation. Therefore, these fascinating features with explicit endings make the game unique and popular.

The HD graphics give a splendid video motion experience. The characters are also customizable, and the music choice acts like a cherry on top. However, playing this game does not allow me to leave the arena after I finish a challenge. I end up exiting the game and then restarting it for the next battle.

Overall the game is very addictive and is one of the most popular choices among people who love this genre. It has a lot of freebies for your survival on the battlefield.

Features of Project Qt Mode Apk

Space Fight Mode

One of the most popular features of this game is its space fight mode. This mode involves fighting with space people. It starts with people from space who attack the world by trying to spread a deadly virus in the world to kill human beings.

But you will also get some superwomen from space who will come to rescue the world with you. The beautiful warriors will have superpowers to stop the enemies. You will get a chance to experience and be a part of the most epic battle.

Offline mode

Most of the time, we cannot play our favorite games without an internet connection. If you cannot stand the boredom that a lost internet connection brings, you should download this game without wasting any time.

The game offers offline play. If you do not have an internet connection, you can play solo. The offline feature lets you enjoy fighting and romance anytime, anywhere.

Multiplayer Mode

If you have an internet connection, you can play with your friends. You can also invite people from around the globe to play with you. Multiplayer mode enables you to share your gaming experience with other people. Join the global play community and socialize while playing your favorite game.

Romantic Events

The game has many romantic events. You can join these events to get entertainment after fighting challenging battles. You will be free to make choices. The romantic events have attractive girls to cheer you up while you save the world from monsters and aliens.

Warrior’s Customization

The game is extremely flexible in terms of character customization. You can transform your character as per your choice and events. You can change their looks and avatars with available accessories. So, the game allows customizing your character for any and every event.

When you fight a battle, you can make prisoners of the enemies and then add them to your collection. Each prisoner you win will fight for you under your leadership. The more prisoners you add to your collection, the more strength you get. Then, you can fight anyone anytime.

Versatile Mission and Story Line

The game has an epic storyline and a variety of missions that become more challenging with time. There are regular game modes and hard game modes. Each regular mode has ten stages, while the hard mode has four.

To unlock hard mode, you must finish all the regular stages with at least three shining stars. The game provides 22 chapters of thrill and excitement.

Premium Features

This app guarantees to unlock all the premium features you would otherwise pay for. The game also gives you unlimited money and gems without paying for them with real money. So,  it is safe to say that the majority of the features in the game are completely free.

The HD graphics of the game gives the most epic, adventurous experience. It has the best video quality with minimum lagging. If you find any mission difficult, you can watch tutorials and read guidelines to understand the game.

Train your Soldiers

There are challenging battles that you can play with the help of your soldiers. You can train your army for difficult events. The game comes up with new events every week to engage the players.

Auto and Semi Auto Mode

If you are in the middle of the game and have to attend to something else, the game gives you an auto mode where the advanced AI can play for you till you take over. In puzzle battles, you can also get semi-automatic mode.

Project Qt Shop

A shop in the game is available where you can buy weapons and ammunition. You can also buy gems for your girls. New monster girls are also available in the shop; you can buy them and then buy their weapons and upgrade them.


Puzzle games are also available inside the game, combining them with action gameplay to get maximum advantage over enemies. You will get runes during the fight, connect three similar runes to damage your enemies more, and allow your fellow superwoman to fire a bomb.


The new updates of this game give you smoother gameplay. Usually, creators of games come up with updates now and then to fix issues and keep increasing players’ engagement.

  • The new version has no bugs, as all are fixed.
  • Optimization of speed is given.
  • Addition of new characters.
  • Addition of ten more languages.

How to Download Project Qt Mod Apk?

Numerous websites on the internet offer free downloading of this game, but not all of them are safe. Most websites provide fake apk versions to hack or damage our systems., Apkpure, Happymod, and Apkmody are some websites you can download the game from.

  • First, you must visit any of these websites and click the ‘download’ button to download the game.
  • Next, you must allow ‘unknown resources’ to download the game without any hurdles.
  • Once the downloading completes, go to the downloaded files on your android device.
  • Then, locate Project Qt Mod Apk in the files and click on it.
  • You will get a prompt that will ask you to install the game. Press on ‘install’ and wait for it to complete.
  • Finally, you can open the game and enjoy it when it is done.


Can I play the Project Qt Mod Apk game without spending money?

Yes, this version is free. The players can enjoy premium features without spending a penny. You will get unlimited cash and gems and much more without any advertisements.

Can I play the Project Qt Mod Apk game on PC?

Yes, you can; however, to run an apk on a PC, you must use an emulator. Download the emulator and then import the apk document on it.

Can kids play the Project Qt Mod Apk game?

No. This game is 18+, and the actions and some characters’ costumes limit the game to adults only. So, it is not safe for kids to play this game.

Is the Project Qt Mod Apk game safe?

Yes, the Project Qt Mod Apk game is safe and secure.

Can I play the Project Qt Mod Apk game on IOS?

Yes, with Qt’s IOS port, you can download and enjoy this game on your IOS devices.

What is the difference between apk and mod apk?

Android application package or apk is the original application file. This standard file is made for the google android operating system. On the other hand, mod apk is the modified version of the same file. An experienced user makes this version.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the Project Qt Mod Apk game is action-packed with thrilling adventures and battles with a touch of romance. This game is popular for all the right reasons.

If you are an anime fan, then this game is for you. The HD graphics give an anime experience, but unlike movies, you have the control over here to be a part of the epic battles.

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