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October 27, 2021
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Monster Legends Apk is a game where you can rebuild your city, with a population only by monsters that obey only you. You must develop their skills to take part in battles and level up so they can fight against solid bosses like themselves (and others). To do this, select several monsters for the team. Behind one rule, there are three rules. Each opponent has its strengths but also weaknesses.


In this world of Monster Legends, you will find a variety of different monsters. Some live with humans, and some train them as well to fight on your behalf in epic battles!

Join millions of online gamers on a journey to the world of Monster Legends! Battle against other players in exciting events, complete incredible missions and explore this vast new land. Along your adventure, you’ll learn more about monsters – from how they are trained or tamed- as well as their strengths & weaknesses, which help determine whether one will make for an able partner when adventuring into uncharted territory. Become famous (or infamous!) by winning challenges that others cannot compete at. Only those who know what it takes can be great trainers like yourself; become champion trainers before anyone else does!

Features of Monster Legends

Create your monster World

Monster Legends is a game where you can create your monster paradise. This includes various habitats to collect different species, mate in the Breeding Mountains and give birth to powerful new beings!

I have been playing Monster Legends for a few days now, and I am hooked. It’s an excellent mobile game where you can capture monsters, fight other players in battle royale-style boss fights or build your temple to honor these majestic creatures!

Collection of different types of monsters with unique powers

There are many exciting features in Monster Legends that make it worth your time to breed monsters. The Breeding process allows for breeding over 400 different types of animals with their powers and abilities and adding new critters weekly! If you like one specific type enough, then chances are good they exist within this game’s universe, too don’t miss out on trying them all by not checking it out now.

Play with online players from all around the world

Monster Legends offers the most exciting online gameplay that you can enjoy whenever, wherever. Battle with other gamers from around the world for epic trophies and rewarding prizes!

Online gamers can compete in league battles and become Legend or Leader. Choose from any one of the many available leagues, including the ultimate Legendary Leagues for those who want victory against all their opponents!

Travel world of Monster Legends

The world of Monster Legends is a vast, exciting place for monster fans to explore. You’ll find yourself in many different locations with different challenges that need completing and lots of loot at every turn!


You are a mighty creature in an awe-inspiring world. You can choose to play as one of many different sizes and designs, like the monsters who wreak havoc on humans or animals alike with their giant stature – take down enemies by unleashing cinematic attacks!


With soothing soundtracks in Monster Legends, players are hooked to the lands of monsters. On top of that, on-theme and accurate effects also make fights much more believable!

Monster Legends APK 12.2.1 free on android

Monster Legends is an entertaining game that will keep you on your toes. With detailed graphics and immersive sound effects, it’s easy to get sucked in for hours! Plus, with all content unlocked right from the start, there are no excuses not to try this out today.



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