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It would not be wrong to say that “Despicable Me’ is one of the most record-breaking adventure movies to date in the animated genre. With the release of the sequel of this blockbuster movie, Gameloft created a game based on the movie called “Despicable Me: Minion Rush”. Later the name was changed to “Minion Rush”. The game was launched in June 2013 and has had more than 880 million downloads over the past 10 years all over the world.

The Minion Rush is a fun game, especially for those who adore the comical and jolly characters of Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. It is a running venture without an end. Players can enjoy a fun running experience while they gain points along the way to higher levels. If you have been looking for a game that is violence free and provides you with some relaxing time free from stress then the Minion Rush: Running Game has got all that you need. Stay tuned to know every detail about the game.

Minion Rush: Running Game

About The Game

The Minion Rush is an action and adventure-based game in which the players compete to become the most despicable secret agent. The player needs to upgrade their minion avatar and earn lots of points, so they progress to higher levels. There are more than 1098 levels in the game, which is why it is called an endless running game. The game was first launched in the same year as the second series of the Despicable series in 2013.

Five years after the launch of the game while having over a hundred million users the publishers decided to launch a second version of the game so that the players can have improved texture quality, good features, and improved specifications by redesigning the game. You will have an in-game avatar that you will control while running in the gaming world. The purpose of the game is not just to earn points. The minions are striving to become the best agents in the game.

Player Character

Well, it is not hard to guess that the gaming character of the player will be a minion. The question is how many types of minion characters are there to choose from if there are any options. The world-famous game provides different types of minion characters to choose from. Although these are not the only type of characters in the minion rush gaming world, they are the only playable player character.

There are usually three main types of gaming characters that can be seen around. You will encounter your favorite characters from the movie inside the gaming world too. These characters can be Margo, Edith, Agnes, Gru, Dru, and Lucy. You will also encounter bosses who can be either Vector, Meena, Villain ventriloquist, or El macho. The player characters in the game are Bob, Carl, Kevin, Dave, Mel, Jerry, and Stuart.

How To Play The Minion Rush?

The Minion Rush game is a single-player game, so you can only enjoy it alone. No need to be sad as the game publishers have made sure that you don’t compromise on socializing while playing the game. You can invite your friends to play with you, but for this, you will have to log in with your id in the game or you can go to the minion workout game room. If you win against the other players then your score will be on the top of the leaderboard in the Minion League.

You will first have to download the game and sign up to the game. Then make sure that you have logged in to your Facebook account as this will allow you to play and compete with your friends and will also allow you to access the Minion rush game even if you are working on another device. Next is to look for your PC. At the beginning of the game, the options are quite limited as you have to perform quite despicable actions to unlock many features.

Once you have selected the character which in almost all cases is Dave, then you will have to run and collect bananas. These bananas will increase your score and unlock many game features, including costumes. As your number of scores and costumes increase, your agent rank also gets elevated. This will increase your level in the game. The higher your level is, the closer you are to becoming a despicable agent.

What Are The Gaming Modes In Minion Rush?

Collecting bananas and purchasing costumes is not the only task that the players have to do. If you have gotten bored from moving left to right or from jumping and dodging in order to get bananas, then you can explore the other gaming modes that gameloft has offered for the players. The following are the different gaming modes that the Minion Rush: Running Game offers to its players.

1. Minion Race is the mode in which you do not have to focus on getting more and more bananas, instead you have to compete with players and have to win. You will have to get a costume and a gadget. These two will help you while you compete with the other players.

Usually, there are two competitors against who you have to compete as the minion race can have three participants only. The more higher-starred gadgets you have the better the chances are that you will perform well in the race.

2. Jelly Lab consists of a Jelly machine and Jelly is made which leads to unlocking different features. The players will have to collect fruits of certain kinds inside the room. You will be given missions. The missions when completed will provide the player with fruits. The jelly machine has a particular requirement. When the requirement is met the machine will work.

3. Special Missions are provided to players. When they are given tasks that consist of collecting specific things then this identifies that a special task is at their doorsteps. If you perform it flawlessly then you will be able to unlock different locations and can level up your games. You will have to watch out for these items, collect them, and you will soon get prize pods, coins, and tokens.

What Are In-Game Rooms?

You might have heard from experienced players that you should go to the room to find new missions. Are you too confused to understand what these rooms are for? The room is a portion on your players’ tab where you can see the latest missions that you have to complete. You might not always see any mission in the room as players in the Minion Rush game are not always on some mission.

The rooms in Minion Rush will show you your mission and events which you will have to complete on time. So, you have to check your room, then see the task and its requirements and start working on it right away as most of these events and missions are time restraints. If you are not able to complete the task, not only will you lose the chance to win coins, but will also not be able to move to the higher agent level.


Is Minion Rush good for kids?

Yes, the minion rush is an absolutely fantastic game for not just kids but for adults too. You have no fancy animations and complex missions in order to move ahead. The game is recommended for kids because the control mechanism is quite easy. There is no violence, foul language, or aggressive elements present in this game. You can get the game for your child having 8 years plus age, so they cope with obstacles and bosses along the way as they collect coins, tokens, and bananas.


If you love running games and the “Despicable Me” movie then the Minion Rush: Running Game will be a treat for you. Many people download the game for their kids because the game is suitable for players who are older than 7 years. The game has no terrifying factor like that in temple run. You will have to run through a course, complete missions, and overcome obstacles so that you can earn bananas and become one of the most despicable agents of all time.

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