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October 12, 2021
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Merge Dragons mod apk (Free Shopping) Take on the role of protagonist and restore peace to Draconia. With a farm-style puzzle game, you will have fun playing as well as implementing several mechanics at once in an interesting story that’s filled with humorous characters, bright graphics for those who want some extra beauty looking through their phone’s screen.

Introduce Merge Dragons

Dragons exist in painting and legend, but it’s rare for people to see one up close. In-Game of Thrones, the dragons represent House Targaryen – descendants from ancient rulers who have reigned over Westeros for centuries with an iron fist (or two). But if you had a pet dragon as cute as these on your coffee table? It would make all those battles feel worth fighting!

You are a magician who has been tasked with rebuilding Dragonia. The valley was once home to all sorts of magical creatures, but it fell prey after being conquered by an evil force from outside called “Zombies.” You will need your skills and power if you want this part of history back!


When I’m playing Merge Dragons, my brain feels like it’s in a festival. But, it doesn’t matter which area of ​​the brain is active because every part seems to be celebrating together, and they all want me to enjoy this moment with them!

The game is simple to start. You will see three identical objects in the playground, and if you pick them up, they become one item with a higher value than before because now it can take on more items at once! Also, if players combine many things, then bigger or better items might appear from their combination of smaller pieces- so don’t get too caught up with playing patiently as this chance won’t last forever!.

Before you know it, your design will be one with the big stuff. Trim bushes and weeds are all that stand between life as we know it, an ugly mess filled only in shades of gray! But don’t worry: combining flowers can give back some color to those lost places once again.

Additionally, Merge Dragons also have their creatures. These cute little dragons roam the levels to collect golden hearts that can be combined and restored with more gray soil for extra points in this fun-filled game!

Features of Merge Dragons!

Each Mission has unique Puzzles.

Additionally, Merge Dragons also have their creatures. These cute little dragons roam the levels to collect golden hearts that can be combined and restored with more gray soil for extra points in this fun-filled game!

Before you can get to the more advanced levels of your game, a player must start with some plants and animals. Dragons will evolve from these primary organisms if they have enough caretaking abilities; however, other puzzle pieces need assembling first!

You can go on a treasure hunt for hidden levels in items after completing the Gaia statue. The more difficult they are, the better chance that there’s something cool at their cores and upgrades waiting just around the corner.

The Zombies are coming to get you, and it’s up to Kala, the bandit leader lady across the way, for protection. Remember that rewarding tasks will still be complimentary daily so join in on some entertainment or challenge!

Unlimited Unique rewards

Merging dragons in this game is so much more than just snatching up rewards. There are many different types of gifts available for players, with the best being a reward by level and receiving them over time if you choose not to play every day but still have an opportunity on your hands after waiting long enough!

Beautiful graphics

Graphics are simple and colorful, with 3D graphics in an extremely cute cartoon style. The bright colors of this game bring out the amazing world of dragons valley as if it were a fairyland where you can see dragons flying around or forest landscapes that look like they’ve been taken straight from your childhood imagination!

Merge Dragons MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Free Shopping

Download Merge Dragons APK + MOD (Free Shopping) for Android

Heroes of all ages will enjoy playing Merge Dragons! MOD APK, with its noble Mission to revive the valley of Dragonia. If you’re interested in joining this adventure as well and getting your hands on some cute dragons along the way, try out Hungry dragon (MOD Money).



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