MagicCall APK + MOD v1.6.9: Unlimited Credits Unleashed in 2023

Immerse yourself in a world of voice changing fun with MagicCall MOD APK v1.6.9. Enjoy unlimited credits for endless entertainment in 2023.

MagicCall is an amazing voice-changing application to add sound effects to your voice, make fun calls, dub videos, and more but it runs on credits and some of the features in the app are paid. If you want to call limitlessly and get access to all the premium features of the app, download the MagicCall MOD APK. Let’s talk about this incredibly modified version and its specifications in detail:

MagicCall MOD APK

MagicCall—About The Application

MagicCall is a voice-changing application that works incredibly. It adds effects to your voice, changes it into different forms, and overall modifies the voice call. The features that make MagicCall better than other voice changer applications are its efficiency, customization, and straightforward interface. It is very simple to use even for first-time users.

You can change your voice to anime, female, male, and so on using the MagicCall, and add different background effects like clapping, kissing, and other sounds. The thing I love the most about this MagicCall app is that it allows you to even change the emotion of the voice, for example, anger, happiness, love, and many more. You can find all these options within the application.

Unlike its competitors, the MagicCall surprisingly works super-fast and can be used for many different purposes like dubbing TV series, animation, movies, songs, etc., for making videos for social media platforms, and simply for entertainment and fun purposes. It’s totally up to you whether you opt for this application as a skill to generate revenue or take it for entertainment only.

The MagicCall is available for download at Google Play Store ( and Apple Store ( You can easily install the app by clicking on the link I have added.

Application Name






Updated Version


App Size

55 MB

Available On

Play Store, Apple Store


Android 7.0



Last Modified On

May 2023

MagicCall MOD APK Version—Explained

Undoubtedly, the MagicCall is a market-winning platform to change your voice and add effects to it, but the only thing lagging in the app is that some of the features are premium and paid. Well, I never paid for any premium accounts in my life because to me it is no more than a waste of money. If you think the same, you’re welcome here.

The MagicCall MOD APK is a modified version of MagicCall that gives you access to all the premium and paid features in the app free of cost. It is more than just an alternate version because it provides free tools, more options to add different effects to the voice, a better interface, and so on.

MagicCall MOD APK—Features

There are a couple of reasons that make the MOD APK version better than the normal version of MagicCall. Let’s discuss the features you’ll get after downloading the MagicCall MOD APK for free!

Unlimited Credits

Through MagicCall you’re basically making real-life calls with modified voices, right? Likewise, to make the call, you need credit in the account. The MagicCall MOD APK gives you unlimited credits using which you can make unlimited calls for free. Isn’t it incredible? You don’t need to worry about remaining credits and top-ups with the MagicCall MOD APK.

Modified Interface

After using both: MagicCall normal version, and the MagicCall MOD APK version, I concluded that the MagicCall MOD APK offers a better interface. It is simpler, more user-friendly, and more responsive. Well, the entire interface is like other calling applications but the thing which makes MagicCall MOD APK prompt out is its menu which offers a bunch of extra features like sound effects, connectivity, and so on.

Voice Effects

The MagicCall MOD APK features incredible voice effects that don’t even sound fake. You can sing and record your voice and add sound effects to it, dub different videos after recording, and whatnot. It is a really helpful tool that adds ultimate effects to your voice.

Not only to generate revenue or make money out of it, but you can also add fun effects to your audio using MagicCall MOD APK for entertainment and fun purposes. It can also be used as a game or fun application to enjoy with your friends and family.

Multiple Voices

You can change your voice on MagicCall MOD APK into a completely different one. For example, if you have recorded a phrase, let’s say, “Hello! How are you?”, it can be changed to a cartoon voice, female voice, man’s voice, and so on. Isn’t it impressive?

I have a lot of good wishes for the developers of this amazing application because it has added joy to the calling. The only thing I think lagging is that the name of the caller is visible to the person. If it gets removed, the MagicCall MOD APK will become more fun.


The best thing about the MagicCall MOD APK is that it gives the user complete control over his or her voice. In other words, you can transform your voice in whatever way you like using this app without any restriction. Though the app gives you suggestions based on your previous experience with the app, but won’t limit your use.

The MagicCall MOD APK has amazing voice-changing features and all of them are free. This is one of the reasons I highly recommend this application to everyone in my reach.

Work In Seconds

Time is precious, and the MagicCall MOD APK opts for that. It works in no more than seconds, which is its great quality. You can add background effects, sound-changing effects, and whatever to modify your audio using MagicCall MOD APK in no time. This is because the menu and all the options of the application are categorized in a systematic manner so that the interface remains straight and intuitive.


You’ll be amazed to know that you can make a profit or earn money using the MagicCall MOD APK. It is, without a doubt, an entertaining software that you can share with your friends, family, and anyone in your contact list. If someone downloads the app using your link, you’ll get money.

MagicCall MOD APK—Installation Procedure

MagicCall MOD APK—Installation Procedure
MagicCall MOD APK—Installation Procedure

Installing the MagicCall MOD APK is not difficult at all! All you need to do is to open the browser on your device (i.e., Safari, Google Chrome, etc.), and search “MagicCall MOD APK download”. After clicking the search icon, a couple of results will appear in front of you.

Well, not all links work the same, which is why I’m dropping the best two sites to download the MagicCall MOD APK from: and Once you have opened any of these links, scroll down to the highlighted “Download MagicCall MOD APK” button and click on it to start the installation.

Click on the downloads and wait for the installation; once it gets complete, run the application and you’re done. In case, there is nothing in the download folder, please visit the device settings and allow download from external sources and try again.

Installing the MagicCall MOD APK from the websites can be risky for your device. If you’re a bit too conscious, install the MagicCall MOD APK using the APK Pure app. Here is the link:


Is MagicCall MOD APK safe?

Yes, MagicCall MOD APK is totally safe if you download it from a trustworthy source. In this article, I have shared a few websites and platforms from where you can download the MagicCall MOD APK without any risk.

Do you need credits to call using MagicCall?

You can make calls using MagicCall using credits, but if you want to make calls endlessly without paying a single penny, there is no better choice than MagicCall MOD APK.

Can you mimic voice using MagicCall?

MagicCall allows you to change your voice, mimic and dub videos, add sound effects, and more. To get access to all features for free, you should download the modified version of MagicCall.

The Bottom Line

Narrowing down, MagicCall MOD APK gives you access to all paid and premium features of the voice-changing app called MagicCall for free. You can install the MagicCall MOD APK using a browser and APK Pure.

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