Lords Mobile v2.104 MOD APK – Auto Battle, VIP Unlock

Read a brief yet interesting article on Lords Mobile MOD APK to get help as an entry-level player in the game.

Do you like war-related games that are full of thrill and adventure? If yes, today’s article will be very interesting for all gamers. Lords Mobile is about confronting the enemies to protect the dead King’s empire. It might sound interesting but has some limitations, like all the other games. The modified version was developed so you can fully enjoy it.

After playing the game for months, I can confidently guide you as an entry-level player. The article below explains the features you get by downloading the Lords Mobile MOD APK. You can scroll down to learn the advantages and disadvantages of this version. The APK version will get you hooked to your mobile screens.

Lords Mobile MOD APK

Lords Mobile MOD APK
Lords Mobile MOD APK

Lords Mobile

Games like Lords Mobile are my favorite because of the thrill and high-quality graphics. You have to plan strategically to attack your enemies before they plan to conquer your Kingdom. It has the perfect adventure as you develop ways to confront enemies. Moreover, you can use cards to upgrade your skills that help you fight while protecting your Kingdom.

Although this game is free, it has some limitations. You will need skills as a leader leading the army to protect the dead King’s Empire. Developers introduced a MOD APK to unlock and make the most of the features. You can download the version and defeat the enemies. Scroll down to learn the details and advantages of using the APK version.

Specifications Of MOD APK

Application Name: Lords Mobile

Genre: Strategy

Publisher: APK MOD

Size: 827 MBs

Price: Free

Platform: Google Play Store

Latest Update: 29th April 2023

MOD Features

MOD Features
MOD Features

Unlocking Cards

Using cards to defeat the enemies and protect the King’s empire is important. As an entry-level player, you can open two basic cards. The MOD APK of the game allows you to unlock more cards that help upgrade the skills, buildings, troops, and other elements. Before this modified version, the players would play for months and get cards to upgrade everything.

You can take advantage of this version and consume the resources. Using the cards to open chests, upgrade skills, and build Kingdom can give you a competitive advantage over the enemies. You will grow stronger with time as the card’s stat is improved. Moreover, you can make alliances with enemies and trade different items with them, having them in sufficient amounts.


The Lord Mobile APK allows you to defend the empire in every possible way. You can order troops to protect the empire, as you won’t be able to do it alone. As a leader, you can summon them when you think the enemies are about to attack. The screen is divided in half automatically so you can look at what’s going on the other side.

The path that connects the enemies and you will get longer if you use the features of the modified version. This will prolong the fight, and as a result, they will give up. You can observe the blue path that is built by the troops. Some cards have energy that can be used in situations like these when the enemies are nearby. It will not allow them to reach the empire of your King.

Building Kingdom

One of my favorite features of the Lord’s Mobile APK version is that you can build your Kingdom. Living in war and having enemies around can be a stressful situation. The modified version can help you build the Kingdom so the enemies cannot attack you. You can use the features and unlock cards that help you grow stronger.

As an entry-level player learning to play the game, you can open the quest system to get help. This can guide you on how to play the game and makes you learn techniques for defending your enemies. Building the Kingdom and upgrading your skills can help prepare you for the battle waiting for you in the game.

Advantages Of Using Lords Mobile APK

Advantages Of Using Lords Mobile APK
Advantages Of Using Lords Mobile APK

The advantages of using the modified version of the game are mentioned below. You can use them fully if you are a new player who wants to build your game.

  • The Lords Mobile APK version comes with some great graphics. You get high-quality graphics that add to the thrill of the game.
  • It helps you build or summon your troops to protect the King’s empire.
  • You can unlock unlimited cards to upgrade the building and troop for protection against enemies.
  • All the resources are unlocked so that you can make use of them. You can get unlimited money, coins, and gems in the game.

Disadvantages Of Using Lords Mobile APK

The disadvantages of using the modified version of Lords Mobile are discussed. These should be kept in mind when you download it.

  • You can easily get bored because things get repeated again and again.
  • You have nothing else to do in the game once you upgrade the troops and build your empire.


What is the cheat code for Lord Mobile?

You can use multiple cheat codes to get coins in the game. These codes can also be used to boost energy and get food.

Does MOD APK work?

The MOD APK, or the modified version of Lords Mobile, works well. You can download it for free and use it on your Android phone.

How do you become a pro in Lords Mobile?

You can become a pro in Lords Mobile by planning your strategies ahead of the attack. This will help you protect the King’s empire and have the upper hand in the game.


A brief yet interesting article on Lords Mobile MOD APK is written so you can get help as an entry-level player in the game. The features help you have the upper hand to protect the dead King’s empire. As a leader, summoning troops, building Kingdom, and upgrading skills can be done. I hope the article will help you take full advantage of the modified version of this game. 

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