Jikage Rising APK 1.19c Download – Latest Version for Android

Here I have brought to you all the details about the Jikage Rising APK MOD game which is based on the Naruto manga series.

Being a massive fan of the manga series Naruto, I have played lots of anime-based fighting games throughout my childhood. Although I enjoyed playing almost all of those games, now it’s time to explore some new games apart from the classic action and fighting games based on the world-famous manga series. If you are too struggling to come out of your narutard phase, then you can explore different genres of games that are based on animated series.

You can relive your childhood memories by playing adult simulation games based on the Naruto anime. One such game is Jikage Rising APK MOD. The in-game characters including the player character as well as Non-player characters are the ones that you can find in the anime too. The game does not have the exact storyline that you might have seen in the anime. Here are all the details that you will need to know about the Jikage Rising MOD game.

Jikage Rising APK MOD

About The Game

Jikage Rising APK 1.19c Download - Latest Version for Android
Jikage Rising APK 1.19c Download – Latest Version for Android

The Jikage Rising game is surely not something that you come across every day. It is a great option for adult narutards who are looking for something new when it comes to naruto based animated simulation games. The adult simulation game is published by GobblesSoftware. The APK MOD of the Jikage rising game will offer you a variety of better and improved features. You will have to download the game in order to get started and enjoy your gaming experience for free.

The game was originally developed by a smiling dog, but there are a number of APK versions of the game. It is suitable for users who are above 18 years old. The version of MOD APK you use can alter the new features you will be offered. You can download the game for free, but the APK MOD allows you free access to many cool features, powers, and in-game characters by unlocking them without any money.

The Jikage Rising APK MOD’s Storyline

The story of the Jikahge rising is in no way near to any of the Naruto series or books that you have ever come across with. The game might involve many characters and powers that you have seen in your adored anime, but this resemblance is only in terms of the theme. The main storyline is that the main playing character needs to assist someone in completing a plan. A mysterious being wants to get his clan back.

You will be the one to help him in achieving the goal. The player will have to unlock female characters and have to take control of these characters. These female characters are not just any in-game character, rather these characters are the female ninjas that you have already come across in the game too. There are four different in-game villages in which the player will move about. These villages are Konoha, Kiri, Suna, and Komo.

There are four different arcs. Each arc is linked with a different place and task. The arcs will lead your character to follow a certain series of events as you proceed with the game. The main task will remain the same, no matter what means you choose to use in order to attain your goal. The more control you will have over the female ninjas the easier it will get for you to get control over the clan. The initial stage of the game is solely based on how you control the female ninjas.

Playing Character

The main character of the game is naruto. He has got his jitsu powers that will allow the character to stay safe when under attack from enemies, fight monsters, and use their powers to take over the control of the Konoha’s ladies. You can later use the powers of the controlled characters to take over the clan, so your main task of helping the character in taking back control will be complete.

The main character can utilize their special powers of jitsu to fight and put the ladies in a trance, so your control over them is long enough to get your work done. You will have the assistance of a monk named Sora along the way. The other non-playing characters might include the female ninjas from different villages who need to be in control of the main player.

In-Game Non-Player Characters

It is evident that if you have to take over the minds of the ladies in the tribe, then you will come across a number of such characters in the game. Although there are four villages, in arc one your task is to control the Konoha ninjas. The in-game characters include female characters like Konan, Karin, Hinata, Tsunade, Sakura, Temari, Ino, Tenten, Kurenai, tenten, Temari, and Kurenai.

The type of character that you will choose varies depending on your personal preferences. If you are one of those people who have religiously followed all of the seasons of the Naruto Manga series then you will already be familiar with each character and what powers they have. You can use that knowledge to select the target ninja whom you want to have control over. Then you will have to perform a number of tasks and complete missions to have them under your spell.

How The Jikage Rising APK MOD Can Be Installed?

The Jikage rising MOD APK game is designed to be used on androids and personal computers. The game can be installed easily by following a few steps. But the only concern when it comes to the APK mod of games is that there are no official sites or apps that allow you to download a standard application of the game. You will have to download an APK version that has no ads, more unlocked features, and far better features that are hard to find these days.

1. Make sure that your device doesn’t have the original or standard version of the Jikage Rising in your device.

2. Grant access to the unknown source by going to the security section and turning off the unknown source protection. This will allow you to download the Jikage Rising MOD APK as it was stopping downloads from any other source apart from the play store.

3. You can find the MOD APK version of the Jikage rising on many sites and on the play store too. Choose the website carefully as there can be many viruses and bugs that get to your device via these MOD APK games.

4. Click on the download button to initiate the downloading process.

5. Wait until the download is complete.

6. The app will appear on your device. Open it and start with the setting up process.

7. You will be asked to follow a particular procedure before you begin playing the game.

8. Once you have followed the instructions, you are good to start playing the Jikage Rising game.


Is Jikage Rising MOD APK free to use and install?

Yes, the Jikage Rising Apk Mod is a free-to-play game. The simulation game provides you freedom in terms of playing as you are not provided with a list of events that need to be followed or have to pay to get access to certain features and characters in the game. You can use and install it for free.


The Jikage Rising APK MOD Game is an estimation game in which you will have to go through four arcs. As you move from one arc to another you will have to use your jitsu powers and the help provided by the monk to complete missions and get control over the female ninjas of the Konoha. Once you have got control over them, you can use their powers to help the mystery being to get its clan back.

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