Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK V23.1.1 (Unlock all Aircraft)

Upgrade your flight simulation experience with Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK V23.1.1! Access all aircraft and premium features for an unparalleled flying journey.

Take your gaming experience to the next level by playing the Infinite Flight which has unlocked aircraft and places.

Imagine the extreme excitement of piloting various heavy-duty or military aircraft. It seems impossible but now you can control a plane in the realistic aircraft game Infinite Flight. Once you play the game, you will be unable to differentiate between virtual reality and your life. Infinite Flight has set a standard of top realistic features and matchless visuals that no game can deviate it.

The game offers a freemium model but there you need to pay for the top features and cannot enjoy all charms. On the other hand, this Infinite Flight Mod APK is available for free, once you successfully download it, you can enjoy the premium features without spending a single penny. I know you are curious to know further, buckle up, the flight is about to take off!

Infinite Flight Mod APK

What if I tell you, you can fulfill your childhood dreams and take your gaming experience to the next level? Will you follow my lead? Of course yes, then the spoiler alert, I am going to talk about a game, Infinite Flight, it is one of the best aircraft games. You may question what’s new I am about to add to your knowledge. Well, I have a trick to download the game without any payment and use the premium features for free.

The Infinite Flight

Once you open the game, it shows you multiple options of location and allows you to choose the aircraft. Basically, the game is based on a user-friendly interface, it insists its users come and enjoys a sleek experience of piloting virtually. Then comes the option for choosing the place, it offers you to travel over all contents from America to Australia and the middle of Asia to western Europe till the islands of Africa.

Maybe you are more interested in piloting the aircraft than the places, then you should know the player can fly various kinds of air crafts; commercial, vintage, classic vintage, general aviation, and military aircraft. People who like to learn about planes can use this game and know the different features an aircraft offers and how it is managed, the interior of the control room, and the number of pilots.

Unleashing The Inner Pilot & Exploring The Simulation In Infinite Flight

I have been using the game since I graduated and still it fascinates me a lot. The reason behind its fan following is its incredible features and next-level graphics. The Infinite Flight MOD APK is all about taking flight from one corner of the world to another. It provides a list of places, more than 30 aircraft, and user-friendly controls.

Once I started playing the game, I came to know, it offers the perfect physics-based flight dynamics. It was really shocking that the game is providing a real-like experience. The weather conditions and day-to-night cycle also impressed me. Well, it did not satisfy me and I explored more. I thought about playing with my friends but there was no multiplayer feature.

After searching for more than 30 minutes, I found the option where you can invite other people to play with you, your friends, or family members. The realistic air routes were more fascinating, they attracted my attention and compelled me to rate the game 4 out of 4. Once you start playing, you become addicted to Infinite Flight.

Why Should You Download This Game?

There are multiple reasons, I can’t sum up here because of the shortage of time nor you can read them all. But the major factor for which I will push you to click on the download button is the features and properties it possesses. Here I have collected a few, take a look!


  1. The Top Quality Graphics: Infinite Flight MOD APK provides you with completely realistic graphics with eye relieving color scheme.
  2. Unrivaled Audio: Once you hear the sound of takeoff, the plane’s noise, and the wheel-opening audio, you will become a fan of the game. It provides completely original plane audio.
  3. All Planes Unlocked: The difference between MOD APK against the version available on Play Store is that it offers you to play with premium planes without costing you a single dollar.
  4. Live Multiplayer: Now you can ask your friends or family members to come along with you on a flight to Europe. The Infinite Flight allows multiple players to play at the same time.
  5. Dynamic Weather: You cannot enjoy a game until it seems realistic. On the other hand, will you play a game with more than virtual reality? The Infinite Flight provides all the realistic features so the players can enjoy and see the original problems the pilots face while flying a plane. It shows various kinds of weather from one region to another.

All these properties force me to play the game, there are other minor characteristics the game provides you for making your own journey. Take a look at them and their benefits.

  1. Customization: With help of this feature, you can change the controls, and the buttons, or select particular aircraft.
  2. Educational Value: If you are interested in planes and pilots, you may learn so many things about them such as how the plane is controlled, how it lands, and how a pilot should keep control of the plane while takeoff.
  3. Real-World Sceneries: The picture and animation it shows are real-world sceneries. You can explore world corners, know about the routes of planes and see different places.
  4. Easy Controls: The thing which always attracts me is its controls. Other games are complicated to learn and have a list of details but you can use them without any instructions. Once you see the controls, you understand what to do.

How To Download Infinite Flight Within A Minute

Before we dig into the details, I want to clarify that the version is completely free and has all premium features unlocked. It is an original game with more interesting characteristics. For downloading the MOD APK, we need third-party websites, they help us to reach the target application without costing a single penny. Take a look at how to download Infinite Flight within a minute.

Step 1

Once you reach the website, you should turn it into a desktop-like page. Go to the three-dot button at the right above, click and it will drop a list of options. Click the “desktop size” button and the layout of the page will change. You will see all the options from the above to the end on the screen.

Step 2

Now your duty is to search for the download button. Mostly, the button is located at the top of the page or at the button side. First, you should confirm that the version is the latest. Then search for the download button. There are more chances you will find it at the middle or end of the page.

Step 3

You have probably found the download button, now click on the button and it will take you to the APK file page. Click on the “download file” and you will see the procedure has started. Wait until the download process finishes. It may take 2 to 3 minutes, according to the internet speed.

Now go to the download folder in the files and you will find the APK file there. If you are unable to find it, go to the Google page, click the same three dots button and it will show the download option. Tap on it, the Chrome will show the recently downloaded files.

How To Install The Infinite Flight MOD APK

  1. Click on the icon of the game.
  2. Allow Chrome to install the games by tapping on the allow button.
  3. Tap on the “install” button and wait.
  4. The installation will finish within 3 to 5 seconds.
  5. Congratulations, you can play the game, go to the desktop and tap on the icon and the game will be launched.


Is Infinite Flight now free?

No, the Infinite Flight is not completely free. There are premium features, you are required to pay a particular amount to get them. But the version mentioned above is totally free.

Is Infinite Flight for PC?

Basically, the game is not for PC but you can play it on your system by downloading an application, BlueStick.


The game Infinite Flight is one of those applications which should be installed by every person once in life. And when it comes to the premium features and spending money on aircraft, you can download our Infinite Flight MOD APK. The features, properties, and advantages of the application are mentioned above. You can also see the download and installation method in simple steps. Good luck!

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