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Hills of Steel MOD APK is a physics-based tank shooter with some interesting gameplay features like horizontal sloping. In the initial stages, you control one of two available vehicles. You must try to destroy all enemies while leaving no destructible objects in your path for money and experience points that will help improve or expand equipment at their garage.

Introduction About Hills of Steel

If you’re looking for a game that will keep your attention, then look no further. Hills of Steel is an extremely interesting and appealing free-to-play tank shooting game! You control one main character, but there are many other tanks around the map, each with different abilities to choose from, such as speed or ranged attacks. The player’s bullets will make contact before they hit the ground, rendering this battle intense.


Hills of Steel is a simple game. You only need to control your tank and shoot enemies as they enter the firing range, but it’s not so easy when their physics are wacky, like Getting Over It!

Physics in the game is very messy, which can lead to funny things when your tank gets overturned by a tiny hill or runs on two rear wheels. However, this has made Hills of Steel stand out as one-of-a-kind because there’s never been anything quite like it before!

Main Features

Exiting game Modes

In PvP mode, every battle will take 60 seconds, and you must destroy or disable your opponent to win. If neither tanks are destroyed by the clock counting down from 30 at sudden death, then it is an automatic loss for vehicles with lower blood pressure levels as their vehicle has been brought down in a single blow!

The 2 vs 2 multiplayer battle. Your team needs to have good cooperation on both tactics and skills of players for you to be successful in this regime, so it’s best if all members work together as one! The enemies come at you from various angles with no time limit or weapon restrictions; your only goal: shoot them down before they get too close.

Adventurous mode is for the bold and daring. You have to shoot down all enemies in front of you, destroying powerful bosses as well! There’s no time limit, so feel free to make your move early or play it safe – either way, this challenge will be over before you know it, with Adventurous Mode enabled on its highest difficulty level.

In Classic mode, you destroy many vehicles and AI enemies while fighting the final boss. The difficulty of this mode will increase over time so try to get as high a score as possible not only for your satisfaction but also because other players might be interested! And when playing “boss-only,” there are no different types of monsters on each turn – just one huge battle against all twelve bosses at once (though they’re more difficult than anything).

Unlock Different types of Tanks

The tanks in this game come with various unique skills, but it won’t be easy to find out which ones you need. Some missions require the player’s assistance and reward them by unlocking pieces for different types of tanks or giving power-ups that provide boosts like increased speed & attack strength!

The tank upgrade interface will show you the bullet characteristics, such as the tesla type that fires with electrical energy. Tanks of sci-fi shapes can appear in this game, and players can collect pieces for their tanks or skills, increasing power by upgrading essential shooting abilities like modifying a magazine size on guns.

Upgrade The Tanks 

Cobra is a tank that can be operated by new players. The different models of cobra tanks are shown in the picture on your right, and they each differ based on how much damage it does or what type of weapon you use for shooting them down! Please change this, so we don’t have any more fun with our weapons being destroyed due to stronger enemies.

In the Hills of Steel game, there will be 9 or 10 levels. You need coins to upgrade your vehicle after buying it and also have Boosters which can retrofit outside of main battles systems if you buy a “boost” for them in game stores (or get one as part of an outfit). There are 3 outfits that come with different mods, so please choose wisely! With Hills Of Steel’s MOD version available now- on top four tanks comes equipped with enough power until everything from this game has been bought out – make sure not go through any missions unprepared!”

Battle on Many Different Locations

Hills of Steel is the perfect place for players who like to explore new and interesting maps. There are so many different maps like Midsummer Siege, Winter War, and Desert Assault. But instead, if choosing which map you want from among them all by paying with coins or gems. It’s possible only some are unlocked at first. But instead of being selected by paying with coins or gems, they need the use of tokens that unlock all features in-game until their next login session. Maps also have different levels of rewards received when completing each stage, depending on how difficult it was, so you’ll always be able to find what suits your needs best! 


When it comes to graphics, Hills of Steel has the 2D graphic style on a horizontal screen. Although not as realistic or detailed as World Of Tanks – which uses three-dimensional models for its various tank designs and options- it still attracts plenty with lively and friendly visuals that will keep your attention from the start until the finish!

Hills of Steel MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP Unlocked

Download Hills of Steel MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) for Android

Hills of Steel is a free-to-play tank battle game with steep terrain. The Hills are always waiting for you. The enemy tanks and their weapons never rest either! Download this mod on your mobile device today if you want an intense challenge that will make your palms sweat every time. Not only does the power come from conventional means but also new technologies like laser attacks or flying bombs, things no one has seen. Before so, be prepared!