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September 20, 2021
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Granny 3 MOD APK is a sequel to the famous mobile horror game Granny. In this series developed by DVloper, you must escape from your grandparent’s house within five days or else they will kill you! The creepy old castle where my gramps lives have been revamped into an even scarier and more dangerous place for me to explore to find clues that might help me get out before he finds us again.

Introduce Granny 3

The Granny 3 video game is based on the popular horror film series of the same name and has amassed hundreds of millions of downloads since its creation in 2014. It can be said that this terrifying mobile experience reigns supreme among other similar horrors such as Five Nights at Freddy’s or Slenderman due to its ability to create an intense level of tension from start to finish while still being scarier. Then previous games mentioned above!


In this game, you are a captive in Granny and Grandpa’s house. You have to escape before she kills you! The guards don’t do anything important – they just walk around the perimeter of her property looking for anyone trying to break into their territory.

Walking around Granny’s house is like walking on eggshells because if someone drops something onto the floor, then she’ll hear that sound from anywhere inside her home. Grandpa doesn’t have good hearing, but he hit hard!

To win the game, don’t jump into a moat! You can hide under beds or in closets. Five days from now, you have to escape from the house and be free of this nightmare.

Main Features

Explore the Horror World

Granny 3 is a terrifying escape room game that you will want to play over and over again. At the beginning of the game, players take on a terrifying task: they must find their way out of a haunted house by finding items in various rooms around them. However, if Granny detects them too soon or hurts one player three times during gameplay, then it’s all over! With many spooky objects are hidden throughout each level, this horror-themed puzzle tasks players with saving themselves from being trapped forever inside “ghost grandmother” Granny’s home.”

You find yourself lying face down on the floor of a dark house. You must sneak around to survive and escape. This is difficult because you’re in the monstrous Granny’s home, who can hear every movement from miles away! It becomes even more dangerous when she finds out that someone else has entered her domain uninvited.

In Granny 3, you will face a different kind of monster: an old woman ghost. You have five days to escape from the haunted house and complete several challenges on your way out. As soon as you wake up, collect everything in sight because those materials might come in handy later on during your quest for freedom!

The fantastic game never ignores it

Finding the keys is very difficult; players also have to be quick and agile. With Granny 3, you will move with buttons on the left side of the screen. When looking for something in this world, there’s an option called “swipe,” which lets them explore around without being confined inside walls or rooms like before, where they could only move between checkpoints (rooms). You’ll find yourself constantly moving back and forward through time because it changes every day depending on what event happens during that hour! This game brings out your sense of adventure.

With this new game, the player will be able to open drawers and get under beds. They can also interact with items by moving around while dotting that one spot in front of them on screen. A handappears when needed for different tasks; just touch it with your finger if you want those jobs done!

Granny 3 MOD APK Version

MOD Features 

  • MOD Menu
  • Dumb Bot

Download Granny 3 MOD APK (Mod Menu) for Android

This simple horror game is not your grandma’s type of fun, but it will make you flutter in fear! Warning: Do not play if you have a weak heart or memory. Granny 3 has all the elements of any addicting horror game and more–so download now for free on Android devices here!



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