Goat Simulator MOD APK v2.16.6 (Unlocked all) for Android

Discover “Goat Simulator mod APK” to become acquainted with this game’s interesting and entertaining features.

If you’re a fan of simulation games, you may have heard of Goat Simulator. This game takes simulation to a whole new level by allowing you to take control of a goat and wreak havoc on the world around you. And with the mod APK version of the game, the possibilities are endless.

Would you like to know more about this game and what it has to offer you? If yes, you can keep reading this article to learn about the Goat Simulator APK. So are you ready to rock the world with your goat character? Let’s go.

Goat Simulator Mod APK

About Goat Simulator Mod APK

Goat simulator mod APK is a modified version of the original game, and the size of this game is about 1 GB. It is compatible with all android phones that are 5.0 and up. Furthermore, it offers players a wide range of new features, tools, and options.

Although this game version is unavailable on the official app stores, it can be downloaded from third-party sources. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to download the Goat Simulator mod APK; we will explain that, too, in this article.

It’s not just the added features that make Goat Simulator mod APK popular. The game itself is already incredibly entertaining and unique. As a goat, you can headbutt and lick objects, run around on your hind legs, and even ride a bike or drive a car. The game world is filled with various interactive objects and characters, making every time you play a fun and unpredictable experience.

Features of Goat Simulator Mod APK


The mod APK version of the Goat Simulator has several added features, such as the ability to customize your goat with different skins, modify the game physics to create even more absurd situations, and add new maps to explore. You can also unlock new abilities and items that can help you cause even more chaos.

Unique Gameplay

Its unique gameplay makes Goat Simulator mod APK different from other simulation games. You don’t need a weapon or sharp object to cause destruction and chaos. Rather it’s just a goat that will be destroying everything on its way, and players will have full control over the goat.

Ability to Use Cheats

One of the most popular features of the mod APK version of Goat Simulator is the ability to use cheats. With the cheats, you can fly, teleport, and even turn into a whale or a giraffe. These cheats can make the game even more fun and wacky, allowing you to explore the game world in ways that weren’t possible before.

Play With Friends

Another great feature of the Goat Simulator mod APK is the ability to play with friends. With the multiplayer option, you can invite your friends to join the fun and cause even more chaos. You can also compete with your friends to see who can cause the most destruction or complete certain tasks the fastest.

Complete Challenges and Missions

Goat Simulator mod APK offers numerous challenges to the players. If you want to win exciting rewards, you need to complete the challenges. These challenges can be of any level, from easy to hard, and involve various madness activities.

Use Different Attacks

This game is all about destruction, which many people find satisfying. Do you know what’s more interesting about this game? Players can use different ways to attack people or things that come their way—the more deadly the attack, the higher your score will be. Moreover, every goat has a unique attack move that you can only use with that particular goat. I have tried them all while playing; all the attacks are super cool, and you will love them.

Explore New Characters

Goat Simulator lets the player explore the locations with different goats. You can play this game with any goat from the available options. You can also play with different goats to check their skills and locations because every goat has some superpower that causes chaos differently.

Collect Trophies

Would you like to know something exciting about Goat Simulator Mod APK? Surprisingly, you can take part in tournaments and collect trophies by winning different tournaments. The tournaments are not only challenging but fruitful too. You can use the collected trophies to unlock new characters and achieve higher ranks. However, everything is already unlocked in the mod, so this is less useful than in the original game.

Score Chart

This game records your performance and shows it in scores when it’s over. Moreover, the score chart also has scores of other players and lets you know your ranking compared to other players. Also, missions can help you achieve higher ranks and better scores.

Sound and Graphics

It would be wrong if I didn’t mention how cool and real this game’s graphics are. The 3D graphics give the game the most realistic look you won’t find in any animated game. The Goat Simulator mod APK’s graphics give real-time environment vibes, which is why many players can’t get enough of it even if they play this game for hours.

Moreover, developers included catchy sounds whenever you hit a person or object to make the game more interesting. Collectively the sounds and graphics of the Goat Simulator mod APK are why a player can never get bored of this simulation game.

Special Features of Goat Simulator Mod APK

Special Features of Goat Simulator Mod APK
Special Features of Goat Simulator Mod APK

Variety of Goats

The most loved feature of Goat Simulator mod APK is the variety of animals you get to play the game. You can play as a goat of any kind; each breed has specific skills. Although only one goat character is available to players in the original version, all goats will be already unlocked in the mod version. So in the mod version, you can choose any animal to start the game without trying to unlock them first.

Unlimited Money

Many of you must be pleased to hear that Goat Simulator mod APK offers players unlimited money. You can use this money anywhere and unlock characters, upgrade skills, etc. In the original version, players must make money and use that on an upgrade, which differs from the Goat Simulator mod APK.

Unlocked Skills

When I played this game, what I liked the most about the Goat Simulator mod APK was that all the skills were unlocked from the start. So players don’t need to collect money to spend on skills to unlock them and wait until they reach a certain level where the skills will be unlocked.

How to Download Goat Simulator Mod APK

All those folks who need clarification and more information about how to download Goat Simulator Mod APK can read the following points. This will make this task a lot easier. So here you go.

  • First, go to your phone settings and enable the unknown sources option.
  • Then you can go to any reliable third-party website and search Goat Simulator Mod APK.
  • Save the downloaded file in the downloads folder of your device.
  • Now go to the downloads and click to install the game on your phone.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Once it’s done, you can enjoy the game.


Are there mods for Goat Simulator?

Yes, there are numerous mods in Goat Simulator that you can try and transform your goat into unexpected things. The most famous are the hill-alpha, mega goat jump, A.P.M. etc. Try these fantastic mods to enjoy this game a little more.

How do you get unlimited goat bucks?

The unlimited goat bucks come if you complete challenges, attend events, or approach a yellow zone. Besides these, you can also buy unlimited goat bucks with real money.

Is Goat Simulator kid friendly?

Goat Simulator involves violence, destruction, and chaos, making it unsuitable for kids under the age of 12 years.

Can you fly in a Goat Simulator?

To fly in Goat Simulator, you will need a jetpack. It is one of the most enjoyable gears, which makes your character fly high in the sky.

Wrap Up

Overall, Goat Simulator mod APK is a wacky and entertaining game that offers endless possibilities for players. Whether you’re looking for a unique simulation experience or a fun way to pass the time, this game will provide plenty of laughs and entertainment. So why not try it and see what chaos you can cause as a goat? I hope you enjoyed reading our article, and don’t forget to follow our guidelines to download this game. Thank you for your time.

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