Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK v10.170: Unleash MOD Menu

Here is a complete guide on the features of DLS 2023 Mod APK and how you can easily install it on your Android device.

All You Need to Know About DLS 2023 Mod APK

Are you fond of playing sports games on your Android phone? Don’t want to invest heavily in a soccer game? Well, you are at the right place. DLS 2023 Mod APK is a modified version of the soccer game with all the premium features unlocked and free in-game currency.

There is much more that goes into this gameplay. It has everything from realistic graphics to 3D motion captures, quality soundtracks, and multiple international and domestic tournaments. Here is a detailed guide on Dream League Soccer Mod APK and how you can install it. So, dive right in for more.

About Dream League Soccer 2023 Mod APK

About Dream League Soccer 2023 Mod APK
About Dream League Soccer 2023 Mod APK

Dream League Soccer is a tournament-based game with a wide range of events and matches for you to explore. The basic version of this game is available on the internet, however, with premium features locked. And to unlock these features, you will have to download the Mod APK version of this game from a reliable website.

It is a modified version of the DLS 2023 APK and is free of any ads or malware. It is tested for Trojans, malware, and viruses, which means it is completely safe to complete. The best part of this gameplay is that all the features are unlocked and don’t cost you any money.


The real-time international tournaments and multiple original teams give the DLS 2023 an edge over other soccer games. It has an easy interface and live commentary, making the experience worth it. Here are some unique features of these sports games you wouldn’t want to miss.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer Mode

The online mode of DLS has a multiplayer setting where most players come in to compete with each other. So, if you want to get a chance to fight with real players from across the world, its online multiplayer mode definitely wins. The best part is that these tournaments can have different difficulty levels, so you can choose the one that best suits your skill set.

Multiple Teams

The DLS 2023 comes with all the original teams from international tournaments. These include all the famous teams like England, Spain, Berlin, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, and so on. And you get to select the team that will represent you on the field. Moreover, all the players are real and have their own playing licenses. Hence, it feels light that you are really playing soccer.

Championships and Leagues

The DLS 2023 hosts a number of championships and leagues. These can be domestic as well as international. And the best part is that you get to select your own team that will represent you in these tournaments. Moreover, you can unlock multiple leagues at the same time to increase your ranking and your chances of winning.


Football and soccer games are dry without having any sort of commentary. Hence, to kill this boring gaming experience, this gameplay has its own dedicated commentators. These people are doing live commentary for all the matches in different languages (based on the team and tournament). This makes the experience worth enjoying with friends and family.

Gaming Experience

For anyone who wants to enjoy a soccer game on their phone, the DLS 2023 Mod APK is definitely a worthy alternative. This one has appealing graphics with 3D motion angles that allow you to analyze and study the moves of top PROFIT-licensed players. Here is what you can expect from this gameplay.

High-End 3D Graphics

First of all, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the visual and audio quality of this game is definitely top-notch. This is because you get to watch all the games in 1080p resolution with a high refresh rate. This makes everything clear and crisp, including the billboards, background, and even the wallpaper. The design interface is also updated, which means you will have no input lag.

This further has a number of people who are doing live commentary for you in high-quality sound. It also has multiple soundtracks that allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest without any interruption. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is not any sound that will go unnoticed.

3D Motion Analysis

Football is all about feeling the moment, and let me tell you that all the tournaments in this game have 3D motion. This makes the experience much more fun and realistic. It also helps players understand the angles and improve their playing style. You can also watch movies like capture kicks, goalkeeper saves, and Tackles in a 3D view for better analysis.

Great Scope for Customization

Moreover, in this gameplay, you get to create your own teams by adding or removing players. You can also give them different abilities and skills so that it is easy for you to pick and choose specific soccer games.

Unlimited Money

The Mod APK version of DLS 2023 has unlimited in-game currency for players. They don’t even have to use real money for any kit or equipment. And by using this currency, you can easily buy players of your choice and their skills, not to mention customize the teams.

Mod APK DLS 2023 Features

Here are some features of the Mod APK DLS 2023 that make it stand out among competitor sports games.

  • You can build your own teams using the 4000 FIFPRO licensed players.
  • It has a total of eight divisions and ten tournaments (domestic and international).
  • You can customize your team’s kit and logo.
  • The Mod APK is tested for malware, viruses, and Trojans. It simply means that it is safe and reliable for you to download on your phone.
  • This version of DLS 2023 is free of cost and ads. You can also buy and customize equipment without using any real money.
  • It has an easy interface and smart controls. You can also get the entire menu unlocked, making it easy for you to play in difficult tournaments.

How to Install DLS 2023 Mod APK in Your Mobile Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know everything about the DLS 2023 Mod APK, you must be wondering how to download it on your mobile phone. Well, it is pretty easy and doesn’t need any technical knowledge. And here is how you can do it in a few steps;

  1. First, open your mobile phone and go to settings. Scroll down to find the security option and select the permission option.
  2. Next, give access to unknown sources. Once it is done, choose a reliable site like apkreach to download DLS 2023 Mod APK. From here, click the download link, and it will be saved to your mobile in a few minutes.
  3. After this, trace your file in the file manager and open it. Click the Install button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up menu.
  4. Once done, launch the game, and it is done. Now, you can enjoy Dream League Soccer 2023 on your mobile phone.


How do I get free VIP resources in Dream League Soccer 2023?

In order to unlock all the VIP resources and in-game currency, you can download the Mod APK version of the DLS 2023. It is a hacked version of the game with all the features unlocked. So, you can use all premium features without paying a single penny.

How much storage do I need to run Mod APK 2023?

The DLS 2023 APK Mod is fairly light and doesn’t take much storage. It has a memory of 400 MB and a size of around 500 MB, so you will need approx 1 GB storage in your mobile phone.

Can I play Dream League Soccer offline?

Yes, DLS 2023 APK Mod supports the offline mode. All you need to do is activate this mode over wifi and later on use it without any internet connection.

Does DLS 2023 have a multiplayer mode?

Yes, DLS 2023 has a multiplayer online mode. With this one, you can enjoy multiple tournaments with friends and families, backed by live commentary.

Final Thoughts

Want to enjoy a soccer game with no real money? Definitely get yourself a Mod APK version of the Dream League Soccer. It has an advanced set of features with VIP resources and great scope for customization that makes the entire experience fun and thrilling. Finally, I hope this guide has helped you in figuring out how to download and play the DLS Mod APK on your phone.

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