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October 26, 2021
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Dragon City APK is a popular strategy game that lets you become the master of all dragons. So arrange your small floating island, create its unique and largest farm on which to grow fire-breathers and drift through seas conquering new territories while trying to find a way to unite with them so they will trust me!

Introduce Dragon City

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your time, then look no further than Social Point’s hit game: Dragon City. This article will introduce the many features that have made it one of the best-selling mobile games ever! Here is also available a similar game like Monster Legends.

Have you seen the famous movie “How to train a Dragon”? Do you want to be part of a new generation that lives in harmony with dragons? The humans and the flying creatures have coexisted for years, but now it’s time to help them grow old together.

Main Features

Customize your dragons in your way

Groom your dragons. Then they will look even cooler and become more attractive for visitors. Give them multiple Dragon Skins that vary in looks and gain special effects while battling, but make sure you do better on events like these if we want to unlock those awesome skins!

Build your dragon island

The dragons in this game can fly around and build an island for themselves. You play the part of a construction worker, building up structures with their magic to create new areas on your land!

The environment is very important for dragons. They need suitable habitat to facilitate their egg hatching, divided into different elements such as fire or water depending on how they were born in this world of ours.

Discover the Dragon World with Epic Challenges

With a mixture of traditional and original gameplay, gamers in Dragon City are given access to the legendary model that is Ancient World. You must become an established master before joining others for this epic challenge by levelling up your dragon kingdom first!

Play with millions of online gamers and win new achievements

The game is not just about playing dragon battles with others but also joining exciting events and activating all over the city. Gamers can create or join an Alliance to help each other in these Alliances!

Chat with the dragons, trade orbs to collect useful ones for your dragon. And most importantly, you can participate in Alliance Gift Events that would open up unique loots!

Unlock new dragons every week

The game not only features new dragons every week, but the opportunity is available on multiple occasions. These include breeding events and even evolution!

Enjoy the cross-platform

Gamers in Dragon City can enjoy their favourite mobile game on both PC and laptop. As such, you can take your dragons with you as you immerse yourself into this exciting cross-platform gameplay!


The game is nothing without its beautiful dragons. The graphics and sounds are incredible, but it’s the dragon design that will keep you playing for hours on end in search of new ones! Each one has its unique look with evolutions to match them perfectly, plus there are tons more islands hidden around this floating world map waiting for discovery by players like yourself who want an adventure-filled saga at every turn! As if all these fantastic features weren’t enough already.


The sound in this video game is so immersive that it makes you feel like you’re there. With rich and powerful sounds, the experience has been made entirely more real for gamers everywhere!

Download game Dragon City APK for Android

In Dragon City, you can raise and train your very own dragon! The game is full of features for fans to explore. Breed rare dragons or find new habitats to make them happier at home on this island paradise that’s all about the little ones and their cute faces.



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