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October 27, 2021
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Cyberika Action Adventure Cyberpunk RPG APK combines classic survival, action, and RPG elements to create engagement. You play as Will Blackwood in his attempt for freedom across post-apocalyptic North America after World War III ends up with you having no way out but to make your destiny in 2077!


The Cyberpunk universe is a place where you are an anonymous mercenary on the run from cruel evil. In this City called Bradbury Complex, your mission as commander was to chase away those who would dare test their strength against yours– but someone else has taken up that task instead! So now it’s time for some old-fashioned swordplay and righteous revenge to reclaim our home.

When choosing your character, you can make them look like the cyberpunk hero of your dreams. Cyberika offers an extensive wardrobe with many different articles and styles for all types of preferences, whether casual or combat gear!

The game is an action-adventure with the ability to move around in the third person. The D-Pad key on one side of your screen allows you complete control while using items, fighting enemies and helping others through interaction from right corner keys for each character’s unique abilities or attacks!

Cyberika Main Features:

Upgrade your Home

The Slurp Shop is a place where you can relax, take care of your daily needs and indulge in some delicious noodles. You will be safe here because this little haven has everything from showers to weapons repair or implant installation! In addition, the people are friendly enough to offer virtual reality tours, so even if it doesn’t look like much on the outside (it’s not), there’s plenty inside for anyone looking forward with great expectations about life up ahead.

Advance Combat Experience 

The world of Cyber Tactical Strike Force is vibrant and diverse, with a whole arsenal to choose from. Have you got bats or pistols? How about lasers swords! You can be as creative as you want in this game. No one will work for everyone. But don’t forget the cyber implants, too; they give players abilities on par with some superheroes out there, so it won’t just come down to what classifies them first: human vs robot/cybernetic organism.

Be the heart of the City.

Suppose you’re looking for an exciting place to play your favourite game, head downtown. The action never sleeps, and there’s always something new around every corner!

Impress Yourself in the Story

The neighbourhoods in Bradbury Complex can be segregated into different gang territories. The immersive storyline will take you to all corners of the City, where hackers plan their next heists and car enthusiasts find rare cars for sale with ease!

Be the Best. Be Unique

This cyberpunk world is a harsh place, where the strong survive, and the weak are left for dead. If you can’t get your body enhanced to be on par with others? Too bad! There’s always Get-The Augmentation – upgrades weapons skills or, even more importantly, upgrading one’s car will help make them stand out from other drivers in this bleak metropolis.


Cyberika’s graphics are stunning with the detail in each object. You can adjust your gameplay to either 30fps or 60 FPS, which will make it work on any device without slowing down too much!

Download Cyberika APK free on Android

Kefir is a famous game studio that has created some of the world’s most talked-about Android apps, including Cyberika – considered by many to be one if not THE most innovative games ever made. It takes an already existing genre and adds new features for gamers who love variety in their entertainment! Download this free app here now before its release on iOS later this year, so you don’t miss out on all these fantastic adventures.



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