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Many gamers complain about innovation and novelty when it comes to role-playing games. If you are too bored of playing the same old action games having similar storylines, then you can try playing the Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk game. This game is worth playing because of its different format and theme. I am not saying that you have not played cyberpunk-themed games, but fun games are hard to find when it comes to this genre.

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There have been many games launched that were based on science fiction based storylines, but not many were a success, especially in the cyberpunk genre. The Cyberika is a great game for gaming enthusiasts who have waited long enough to have a cyberpunk game that can help them have an experience worth remembering. If you are confusing the Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG game with the Cyberpunk 2077 then you should scroll down for further details.

Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG

Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG APK
Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG APK

Many players turn down the idea of playing Cyberika as they often confuse it with Cyberpunk 2077. The latter was a complete disaster. The only similarity between the two games is that both are Role Playing Games having a science fiction storyline and cyberpunk theme. The quality, graphics, and features of both games vary from each other. Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player game, whereas Cyberika is a multiplayer game.

About The Game

You can live in the cyberpunk universe through your gaming character while playing Cyberika. There can be many games that will provide you with action and adventure, but the unique experience that one can go through because of the near future setup and advanced way of life shown in the game has no match.

You can move around in the neon streets of Bradburry Complex while completing your task and fighting with other players. If you love Roleplaying Games and adore multiplayer online games then the Cyberika game is a dream come true for you as it has both of these features.

Because of the combination of these two game types, Cyberika is an MMORPG game which means that it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. You neither have to download the game nor are you forced to play it alone. You can play the game on your PC and phone along with thousands of other players with the help of a single server that connects all of the other players of the game.

Development of the Game

Cyberika was launched in 2021. This RPG game is developed by Kefir which is a Russian game developing company. One of the many reasons of Cyberika being a game worth playing is that it has launched a trustworthy and experienced game manufacturing company. Kefir has offered many other action-based games like Last day on earth, Frostborn, and many more.

The Developers already had billions of users before the development of the game which led to the massive hit of this game. You can explore the city while encountering many punks on the way. The developers have tried to provide the best possible game with a free downloading process. This game is a freemium game, so you can enjoy a few features free of cost but for the advanced features you will have to pay in order to unlock them.

Cyberpunk Themed Storyline

A world ahead of its time, Cyberika is a story of a man struggling for survival. The in-game world is showing a futuristic setting with sports cars, cool gadgets, and innumerable Non paying characters that can impact your game drastically. The player is the main character of the story who is going through unexpected situations and is fighting for the sake of his life and getting to the people that he is looking for.

The city of Bradbury Complex has turned into a dystopia for the players as they will meet a number of people along the way that can either make the quest easier or even far better. Sometimes what seems to be a blessing turns out to be a nightmare. Similar is happening with the main character in the game. A chip that was supposed to save his life, has brought even more problems in his life.

The chip was placed in his brain but because of its malfunctioning, the life-saving chip has become a life-threatening one for the character. The player will try to find the company that is behind the chip and save his life. Along his way, he will face many hardships and has to get into deep waters in order to get the information and makers of the chip which is in his brain.

Playing Modes

The players can enjoy both types of gaming modes whether it is a single-player game or a Multiplayer game. These two modes have not much of a difference. Unlike other massively multiplayer games, Cyberika does not provide fast communication between the players. In the multiplayer playing mode, there are more than thousands of players who are connected to the game.

The makers have provided no means of communication for MMO mode. Many players usually only stick to the single-player mode as you can freely fight with the punks and other NPCs which are creating a hurdle in your way to get to the chip manufacturing company called Makana Biotech. You can complete your journey, compete in the quests, and fulfill missions in no time.

How To Play The Game?

Now you know the main mission, the question arises of how one can play the game. You don’t need any heavy downloading process as the Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk game is an online game. You only have to sign up for your in-game accounts by entering a few asked details. The next step is to make your in-game character. As the storyline of the game is not as rigid as compared to other games, one can enjoy the perks of customization.

You can’t just change the story because of your selection of actions in the game but also based on the type of character that you come up with can also alter your game. In search of the people who started the chip-making company, you will have to fight many people, defeat them, increase your scores, solve riddles, collect items, and restore your energy. You will get a few pieces of equipment that will help you fight the enemies.

The player can move around Bradbury Complex in your car, you will have to manually drive the car or switch to automatic mode for a much safer ride. The more one person engages in war and fights the more the chances for him to proceed to a higher level. As you move ahead and defeat other players or complete the task, you will earn rewards. Collect only those which you require, as you will be able to collect only a few because of the low storage capacity.

FAQ’s | Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG APK

Is Cyberika an online game?

Cyberika is an online game. By signing up for this game, you will have access to the fictional world of Bradbury Complex. The role-playing game involves both single-player RPG as well as MMORPG which you can opt for on the basis of your own desire. Players only have to customize their designs and sign into the game, and they are able to fight different people to increase their level.


I hope you have found all the details you have been looking for before mastering the Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG game. The game is showing the story of a person who is looking for the makers of a malfunctioning chip that has endangered his life. The cyberpunk-themed MMORPG game can be played online via Android and PC. You will enjoy the graphics and fluid storyline that has a customized touch to it.

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