City Defense v1.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Here I have brought to you all the details and downloading procedure for the City Defense MOD APK to enjoy your favorite game.

City Defense is a fun game especially if you are into military-themed games. It is not too aggressive and can be played by children too. You might have played other similar games like the Age of Origin but the city defense does not have supernatural beings like the age of origin in which the players have to fight and eliminate zombies in order to defend the human race. In the City Defense game, one has to engage in a fight with a huge crowd that is about to take over the city.

There are millions of users of the game who are glued to their mobile and personal computers, but many find the consistent and intrusive ads quite irritating and the in-game money hard to earn to keep their defense equipment up to the mark as you have to improve your game. Well, I have found a solution which helped me a lot and can help you too. The City Defense MOD APK allows you to have an unlimited amount of money and an ad-free version of the original game.

City Defense MOD APK

City Defense MOD APK
City Defense MOD APK

About The Game

The City Defense is an impressive game that will help you have some fun. It also involves the usage of your intellectual skills as you will have to come up with strategies to keep the huge crowd away from the important areas, so they cannot take control of the cities. It is an action-packed game that will allow you to face lots of danger, action, and excitement along the way as you will have to face a massive influx of enemies and have to defeat them in order to win.

The original version of the game was developed by Homa which is known for its other games like Attack Hole, Merger Master, and Mashup hero. It was published by zgahdsdf. It is a free app that you can find on the google play app and can even get the MOD APK version of the game to enjoy some additional perks. The best thing about the game which I found quite refreshing is the graphics of the game which makes it quite unique in comparison to other action-packed games.

The game has no complex graphics or visuals. Although it involves a war-like scenario, you don’t find it traumatizing or infuriating as the makers have kept it as simple as it can be. The most amazing thing is that being an adult I don’t even find it boring. The systematically increasing difficulty level and the extent of defense skills that the game required is quite amazing. The game is suitable for players who are more than 7 years old because of its simple yet fun playing style.

How To Play The Game?

This strategy game is not just for time pass as you can learn a few skills through it as it offers you to analyze, plan, and control a large number of people who have become a threat to your city as they invade it in form of a crowd with the intention to take over the city by defeating the cops and police. In the game, there are two different in-game characters, the red and the blue stickmen. It is not hard to identify which ones are the bad guys.

The player is on the side of the blue stickmen who are there to protect and defend the city by fighting the red ones. The players will have strategic control over the blue stickman and will be able to control their actions. Don’t worry you are not alone as you will have a team of skillful heroes. These heroes are a part of the blue stickman team and will use their skills to fight the crowd of aggressive protestors. The game is not as simple to win as it seems to be.

The City Defense game has many levels. Players have to keep winning by keeping the red stickmen out of the city and kicking out those who try to sneak in. The players do not only have to defend their area via barriers and walls but also have to attack these invading crowds. You can get a wired fence in order to make barriers that will not let the enemy get in.

You can get many different powerful weapons, tanks, and explosives by using the coins that you have earned in the game at the end of each level. The number of stickmen is not determined, so you will experience a never-ending attack from the enemy. You will have to use your supplies quite wisely as you can run out of them and as a result, lose the game. As you win a level you proceed to the next one which is more difficult than the previous one.

How To Get The City Defense MOD APK?

The City Defense MOD APK will allow you to have some additional features that you might not find or have to work quite a lot in order to find in the original version available at the google play store. Although there are more than 10 million downloads of the game on the Play store, you will enjoy more with the MOD APK version as it offers you more money and your favorite weapons and heroes without keeping you waiting. Here is how you can get it.

1. First, make sure that you have the original City Defense game downloaded to your device, then find the MOD APK version of the City defense game which offers you the features completely free for which you had to previously pay in order to unlock them.

2. Next, you will have to click the download link of the MOD APK file.

3. The file will automatically start downloading and after a minute or so your download will be complete.

4. You might not be able to see the file in the downloaded file’s folder because of the security setting.

5. Then you have to go to the menu. In the settings portion of the menu, you will find the security option. Click on it. You will now have to allow unknown sources, so your device can open the MOD APK file as these mostly have unknown sources.

6. Open the file manager, in the downloaded file’s folder you will find the MOD APK version of the game.

7. Click on the file in order to open it.

8. After the installation process is complete, the APK version is available for the players in order to enjoy their favorite game.

9. Start playing the City defense game along with the unlocked premium features.


Is it safe to download City Defense APK MOD?

There are many APK MOD versions of the City Defense game available online, but you cannot blindly trust all as you might end up losing all of your data or might get some bugs in your system. The most important thing when it comes to the APK version of any game is the source must be reliable and authentic as instead of downloading a fun game, you provide a gateway to many viruses into your device. If the download link is safe then you are good to go.


The City Defense MOD APK will allow you to enjoy the game with an additional twist. You don’t have to wait to get to the next level in order to unlock new weapons and heroes. You don’t even have to worry about the number of coins you have in order to buy them as you will now have unlimited money. The best thing is that you don’t even have to see the irritating ads while you are playing the game. Happy gaming.

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