Unlock Endless Gaming with Chikii-Play Games Mod APK v3.7.2

Want to play PC games on your Android device? Experience the freedom with Chikii-Play PC Games Mod APK v3.7.2, VIP unlocked! Embrace the world of gaming.

Craving to play your favorite PC games on your Android device but feeling restricted? Your wait is over with the Chikii-Play PC Games Mod APK VIP unlocked! This unique app lets you enjoy a wide range of PC games right at your fingertips. Whether it’s action, adventure, or strategy, you can easily access them all with the VIP features unlocked. No need to worry about device limitations anymore! Get ready to embark on thrilling gaming adventures anytime, anywhere. Download the Chikii-Play PC Games APK now and unleash an unparalleled gaming experience on your Android device today!

The app delivers a variety of interesting games that keep you engaged and hooked to your phone. Besides, you can now play any PC game with the best HD graphics available at your service. Hence, you don’t need to waste your money buying game consoles or games because you already have a platform that provides you with all these services.

Chikii Mod APK

Chikii Mod APK
Chikii Mod APK

Chikii Mod APK is a cloud-based gaming platform that provides you access to PC games on your android smartphone.

Chikii Mod APK, a modified version of the original app, provides users with the best experience for playing PC games on their smartphones. You can now access mostly PC games through the app anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it’s a social platform that allows interactive sessions between gamers from all over the world.

Chikii Mod APK is a cloud-based gaming platform that allows users to access different PC games in a single channel. Hence you can now play hundreds of PC or PSP games like GTA, Ninja Storm, Watch Dogs, etc., with the best graphic design and sound quality.

I am sure many people want the perk of a PC without actually buying the computer, don’t worry; I am also one of those people. Hence I greatly favor this app because it allows me to play my favorite games on my phone anywhere at any time. It has many more interesting features; find out by reading the article.

PC Games Within Your Reach

PC Games Within Your Reach
PC Games Within Your Reach

Now you don’t need to save money to buy a computer to play these heavy size games. Chikki Mod APK has made it easier for users to access their favorite PC games on their mobile devices. Moreover, it allowed me to easily find my favorite game by simply entering the name in the search bar.

Downloading Is Not Required

You don’t need to download any game you want to play because the app gives you access to the library, where you can play it online without downloading it. This can save you from the problem of space shortage. In addition, it also saves you time, as you do not have to wait hours for the game to be downloaded.

Variety Of Gaming Categories

The best feature is you can find myriads of games in all one medium. Moreover, it also provides distinct genres and categories of games such as action, sports, shooting, puzzle or relaxing games, and so much more. You can select any game depending on your preferences. I was able to find most of my favorite games, such as GTA, Naruto Shippuden, and Dragon Ball Z, through this app.

Your Data Is Automatically Saved

This app provides an “auto-save” option when you reach a certain point in the game. Hence it means you can resume your game from where you left off. It automatically saves your operations and other changes you make in the game. This can benefit you, as it guarantees that your progress is saved if the game suddenly crashes or you need to leave it for certain reasons.

Interact With The Gaming Community

This app allows you to interact with other gamers, exchange gaming experiences, and participate in any game-related activities—the app functions as a hub for gamers to chat with each other and create social connections. Let me tell you more about this interesting feature.

Create your Social Network: You can create a profile, follow your favorite gamers, and exchange tips and other gaming experiences. In addition, you can also invite your friends to play any game with you.

Chat Rooms: You can join any chat room or create your own where all the other users are present. Through this characteristic, you will learn more about the game you are playing and some tips from other expert gamers. Therefore, I advise you to join chat rooms and make friends with gamers because it will be helpful for you.

Live Streaming: You can now go live and share your gameplay with other users. Other players can join your live stream and interact with you. Hence, making the game more engaging, you can also play collectively with other users and win exciting prizes.

HD Graphic Quality

This app provides you with realistic three-dimensional illustrations that attract your attention and make the game more appealing. All of the games have superb animation and 3D graphics giving you the same experience as your computer version. To ensure the best quality, you must have a stable and fast internet connection on a mobile device.

Save Space On Your Mobile Device

The first thing I worried about was that this app might take up a lot of my phone space, but the good thing is it did not. Therefore you can play your games peacefully without worrying about storage. Since it’s a cloud-based gaming platform, you can play PC games on your device without the need for high-end devices or downloading game data on your device.

Smooth Control Features

Chikii Mod APK has different controls for different types of games, making it easier for you to manage your progress smoothly. However, sometimes it gets annoying to use the small touch buttons to control PC games. Therefore you can use a Bluetooth gamepad or attach an external keyboard to your device to control the games more expertly and efficiently.

Additional Features Of Chikii Mod APK

  • Boundless access to myriads of games
  • Experience ad-free application
  • HD realistic illustrations
  • Free of cost for everyone
  • Multilingual application, providing the best experience to its international users
  • It’s a Cloud server
  • You can now get access to all famous games such as GTA 5, FIFA 19, etc.
  • You can play games without downloading them
  • Your games can be saved by default
  • There are no geographical limitations
  • It includes a Game library where you can find a collection of different games
  • The app is easy to operate for beginners, and it’s user-friendly. You can easily navigate through the app. Also, this application provides a simple control system allowing you to play PC games on your mobile devices effortlessly.

Improvements In The Upgrade Version

  • Issues regarding the bug have been solved
  • Slight changes in the game setting experience
  • You can build up to three control profiles in the game
  • Addition awards and prizes are proposed for players, such as gift bags and lotteries
  • Addition of a game library in the app
  • The gamers’ community version is improved


  • Unlimited resources
  • The application is easy to operate
  • An immeasurable number of coins


  • Involvement of high risk while trying to search for a genuine source to install the app


What’s the size of the App?

The size is 49.62MB, so you can easily download the app without worrying about storage.

Can I play PC games on Android with the Chikii app?

Yes, this app allows you to play desktop games on your device.

Wrapping Up

Chikii Mod Apk is a cloud-based gaming platform that provides you access to PC games with the best illustrations and 3D graphics. You can find a variety of games in one source. Hence you don’t need to search for multiple sources to play your favorite games. Moreover, you don’t need to download all these games; instead, press play and the app will start the game.

It’s a fun and interactive app that provides a social network or platform where you can exchange your gaming tips and experiences and engage in competitions to win prizes. You can also join chatrooms to learn more about the game you are playing. This app allows you to play games, socialize with others and make your game more exciting using different features.

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