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Castro is a huge collection of information about your device and a set of tools for monitoring its status. This allows you to check the performance of your device in real-time!
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Pavel Rekun
Mar 3, 2022
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Castro System Info Apk For


In our daily life routine, we exchange or buy a new mobile phone. In this case, we don’t know about the internal condition of the mobile phone, we just give a glance at its physical appearance. From the mobile physical state, we can’t judge how it works and gives us a good or bad experience.

Technology is improving day by day. Different apps are released, which worked on basis of different tools. Castro system application is one of them which can monitor your device, battery power, mobile processor, CPU, mobile data, mobile networks, wifi and also monitor the temperature of the device. this application will have a huge of information about your device. Just set up this application on your device and get the all details about your mobile phone. It will tell you about the RAM and internal storage of mobile phones. Get detailed information about the camera, picture, video quality, or format of video and picture. It can observe the many other features of the device like Bluetooth, volume and dashboard, etc.

If you go premium, then this application will provide you the more pro features, a network traffic speed monitor, a home screen widget, and also get more information about the battery timing and camera. Install this application and enjoy the multiple features application. You have not to need to worry about this application, this will never interrupt your mobile’s personal information, while it accesses your media files which are videos, images, and documents. This application will never harm your device’s lightweight application and will never drain the battery optimization. Now you have not need to install many other separate apps to monitor the battery level and battery run timing, processor, etc. You find the all-in-one package and multiple apps, and users will have positive reviews about this application.

How does it work:

This application will have an easy and simple format, easy to use. Here are the following steps to use this application;
• Install the application from the Castro system info application from the Google play store.
• Open the app.
• Read the permissions carefully and allow the permissions to access the mobile.
• Setup the app, open it, and read the info about the system.
• This application will attach to your Google account, which is active.
• Install the application and enjoy the features of the application.

Features or functions of Castro

system info:

This application contains the feature for and also premium features. Here are some key features of the application:
• Provides you the detailed information about the CPU and GPU.
• Monitors the battery, battery power, charging time, and also the running time of the battery.
• Real-time data sensor.
• It can also monitor the device temperature, and also tells you about the apps which cause to harm the mobile phone.
• Gives you detailed information about the camera, pixels of picture and video, size or format of picture and video and tells you about the Megapixels of the camera.
• Monitor the other connections which are connected to your device or link, like Bluetooth.
• Detailed information about the mobile networks, and also data usage, even provides you the data usage detail.
• Screen tester and also a noise tester.
• Go premium and customize the color and theme largearge set of tools to test the state of the device.
• Configurable home screen widget.
• Deep interface customization.
• Information about the hardwere and softwere.
• Monitor the network traffic.
• Dashboard collects the most important information.

Tools used:

Here are some more useful tools, that are used to control the device;
• Data export.
• Noise checker.
• Screen tester.


This application is offered by Pavel Rekun and released on Mar 22, 2015. This application may need some permissions that may request access to the device.
• Microphone to record the audio.
• Access to the phone to read the phone status and identity.
• It discovered Bluetooth devices.
• View network connections.
• Receive data from the internet.
• Want full network access.
• Control vibration.
• Prevents your phone from sleeping.
• View WLAN connection.
• Referral ID.

Note: This application may share your data with 3rd parties, including your info, device performance, and IDs.




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