Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK 3.7.1: Drive with Unlimited Money

Here I have brought to you all the details about the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK which will allow you to enjoy unlimited money.

Want to use your managerial and planning skills in order to start a business of your own? It will be better to test these skills in the in-game world instead of trying them for the first time in real life. The Bus Simulator is one such simulation game that will help you start your public transport business from scratch. You have to go from a driver to a magnate. What a great sense of accomplishment this can be, all thanks to the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game.

I was quite bored playing similar action and adventure games. The Bus simulator introduced me to a new genre of games which is more fun as you have to speculate, make plans, come up with business strategies, and different ways to attract customers. Having a good bus is the most basic thing. If the amount of in-game money is coming your way then the Bus simulator Ultimate MOD APK will provide you access to unlimited money.

Bus Simulator

App Name: Bus Simulator: Ultimate Game

Version: 2.06

Publishers: Zuuks Games

Update: 12 April 2023

Developer: Zuuks Games

Genre: Driving Stimulation

Downloads: 100 Million Plus

Rate: 4.2

Compatibility: Android 5.0 Plus

MOD Feature: Unlimited Money

About The Game

About The Game
About The Game

The Bus Simulator is a dream come true for people who always wanted to start a transportation company. It might not seem like much, but similar to any business, starting a bus transportation company of your own is not an easy task, even if you have to do it inside a gaming world.

The Bus Simulator Ultimate is a driving simulation game that offers you a large variety of buses in which you can cruise between different states. The more expanded your business is, the longer you have to travel. The beauty of any stimulation game is that you will have a more realistic, detailed, and expansive gaming experience.

Zuuks is famous for a variety of stimulation games including Traffic Driver and City Driver 3D, but the best thing about Bus Simulator is that it has much more realistic graphics and game time. This game was released on 15 June 2019. The game is suitable for players of all ages.  Because of the amazing features and visuals, there are over 100 million downloads of the game.


This game is available for free, but the players have to unlock many premium features by paying for them. As the game proceeds to a higher level your business and responsibilities increase. First, you have a single bus, but if you have good driving skills, communicate with your passengers, and take care of their needs while they are on your bus, then you can take your business to the next level.

You can add a much bigger bus with more passenger capacity. Once you have more than one bus, you can then add more stations, and offices, and set routes. The better you follow the in-game requirements, the easier it is for you to add more customers and gain more profit. The addition of the latest buses to your fleet is good for your company’s reputation. But this is not all.

You have to make sure that you stop at rest stations, get the passengers to their destination in time, make sure to provide food on time, and consider their reviews seriously while thinking about your company’s strategy. You might be a bus driver at the first level, but as the number of buses increases you will have to hire other drivers.

Roads are full of adventures and setbacks. Instead of getting devastated by the negative reviews, you should try to improve what your business is missing. You have to consider the weather conditions, the type of terrain, and the road conditions before you start your journey.

You can even compete with other players in the league. The cockpit is the best thing about the game. You will feel like you are actually controlling each and every movement of the bus. The routes and maps that you will follow in the game are the same as that in real life,

Advantages Of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK

Advantages Of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK
Advantages Of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK

Although the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game is not very complicated neither requires the gamers to pay in order to get it, but there are certain premium features that demand the players to pay a certain amount of money. I was quite devastated to hear that, because who doesn’t like to enjoy all the perks of your favorite game?

Thanks to the MOD APK version of the game, I don’t have to spend a cent. Luckily I got the MOD APK file after a month of downloading the game. This was one of the best decisions as I didn’t have to recheck the amount of the in-game money I had nor I had to think about expanding the fleet as with the MOD APK I can have all of the latest ones without paying. I don’t have to waste my time watching ads as this is an ad-free version.

Features of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game

Features of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game
Features of Bus Simulator Ultimate Game
  • Realistic graphics and bus interior
  • Modern-style cockpits to help you have a realistic yet fun driving experience
  • Get feedback in form of passenger reviews
  • Real-life maps
  • Coach buses to help you deal with a larger passenger influx
  • A large number of offices and bus stations to control the expanded business
  • Alternating traffic situations
  • Three-dimensional graphics
  • Can create your own route
  • Hire drivers to expand your transportation business
  • Ultimate multiplayer league for online players
  • Features 25 different languages
  • Listen to radio

MOD APK Features

  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited in-game money
  • Unlocked models and transport cars
  • Unlocked premium features

How To Download The Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK?

1. Find a third source for the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game MOD APK file.

2. Allow the third-party app to download in the settings.

3. Click on the download link provided.

4. Wait for the downloading process to get completed.

5. Open the file in the file manager.

6. Wait for installation.

7. Open the app and start your game right away.


What do players do in Bus Simulator Ultimate Game?

The players are initially in the role of a driver. You will have to drive the bus provided while taking care of the passenger’s needs, the time taken to reach the distance, and the traffic rules. As many positive reviews you have, the level upgrade is likely to occur sooner. This means more profit. You can add more buses to your fleet, but then you have to hire drivers, set routes, and make offices, and bus stations.

Is the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game free?

Yes, you can easily get the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game for free on the google play app. The graphics, the control, and the gameplay all are one of the best. When I started playing, it was only then that I realized that there are certain premium features that I cannot get until I have paid for them. Even though you can enjoy the game completely for free, the premium version has some high-power unlocked buses.


I completely adore buses. When I found out about the Bus Simulator Ultimate Game, I was in seventh heaven as the game allowed the players to enjoy the graphics, audio, and game story from a driver’s as well as an owner’s perspective. The MOD APK version makes things even easier as you don’t have to pay, there are no annoying ads, and premium features are unlocked.

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