Bloons TD Battles 2 Mod APK v1.10.3: Win Battles

Here I have brought to you all the details about Bloons TD Battles 2 apk which help you attack the opponents with the best strategic plan.

The Bloons TD Battles 2 is all about attack and defense. Tower defense games are not new for gamers, but the level of enjoyment that these types of games provide has led to an increase in the production of these games. If you are also an admirer of these types of games, like me, then you might have played games like Dungeon Defenders, Kingdom: Two Crowns, and Minion Master. Bloons TD also belongs to the same genre as the previously mentioned games.

The visuals, sound effects, and strategic planning that the Bloons TD has to offer have brought the game to the top of the charts. Gamers of all ages seem to be completely in awe of the games because of the good quality experience that it offers to their users. The better strategy you come up with, the easier it will be for you to proceed with the game, and have fun along the way. Want to know more about this amazing game? Keep reading.

Bloons TD Battles 2

About The Game

About The Game
About The Game

When one hears the name Bloon TD, the name of ninja kiwi appears in one’s brain as the famous game-developing company of New Zealand is known for the amazing Bloon TD series. There have been many games that were launched under the same title by the developers. Ninja Kiwi launched Bloon TD battles 2 on 30th November 2021.

The game also supports in-game purchases that allow the players to buy monkeys and heroes that will improve their in-game performance. Battle 2 has more than five million downloads on the Google play store which shows the massive response that it got from users. Similar to the other Bloon TD games you will have to build towers and defend your area.

The goal is not only to defend, but one also has to attack the enemy in order to win the battles as you can get wiped out if your focus will only be on defense. Things can get rough once the battles start. It is a freemium game. You can get the game downloaded from the app store, but you might have to pay in order to unlock premium features.

What’s Special About The New Update

What’s Special About The New Update
What’s Special About The New Update

The Bloon TD battles game is quite similar to the previous series of the Bloon TD games including Bloon TD 6 and Bloon TD Battles 1. The theme and quite a few features of these games are similar but there are some tweaks that users really like. The HD animation is a plus point although many users do demand an improvement, it doesn’t affect the gaming experience as you will find yourself glued to your device while playing it.

The game mode is reduced to a single option as compared to the previous version. You are engaged in a one-on-one battle which is also known as a player vs player battle. Monkey money and trophies are added. You cannot buy these trophies as they are not up for sale, instead you can add these to your collection by winning the head-to-head battles. The bloons that one can choose to send out and the towers that players have to build seem to improve.

Many players love their gaming experience despite the comparatively fewer quality visuals and not-so-different sound effects because of the more action and aggressiveness that the newer version has to offer. The number of bloons that are sent in the form of a rushing round to attack the enemy has increased. In addition, the impact of these bloons and the real-time experience makes things even more fun. The towers are more dedicated as compared to the previous versions.

Game Format

The genre of tower defense games is quite self-explanatory when it comes to the gaming format that they provide. Protecting your area and defeating other players will help you progress in the game. The main purpose of the game is to make it to the Hall of Masters without getting out of the game. As you will win the battles you will progress towards a higher arena and losing one will lead to a lower arena level.

Once the player makes it to the hall of masters they can compete with the leaders there. The collection of arenas will make sure how you progress to higher levels. You will have to use the monkey money to buy towers, monkeys, and heroes. Once you have selected these the next step is to make a strategy and fight.

During the battle, you will have to fight the bloons that attack your area but will also have to attack the opponent too. The team that the player has brought together will be the one that will implement the strategic plan that the player has come up with. The battle is not just about defending your tower as you will have to make sure that your tower, goods, and lives are also safe and sound.

How To Play The Bloons TD Battles Game?

First thing first. You will have to go to the Google play store, where you will find the download version of the Bloons TD Battles 2. Click on the download to install the game on your Personal computer or on your mobile phone. Once the game has been downloaded open the app and sign up for your account by providing the required details and all that for free.

The app will detect that the account has been added to the database for the first time. An in-game hero appears to the users. The hero then directs the players toward battle school. The battle school is like a tutorial lesson which is quite helpful for the new players as it explains the playing procedure, but the strategy and game plan are up to you. You will not be able to play until you have finished all four lessons.

I found these battle school videos quite helpful. They solve many queries and make the game progress steps comparatively easy. Another starter hero will appear. Before the battle begins the two players will appear on the map. Each player has their own area, heroes, team, goods, towers, and 150 lives. You will send your bloons toward the opposite area with the help of the map. The attacking bloons will knock out opponents’ towers and monkeys.

The more intense the attack is the faster the chances are to reduce the number of lives. No matter how much you have worked on tower defense and bringing a team together, if your opponent player’s bloons have become successful in reducing your number of lives to zero, then you will lose. If you will get the opportunity then you will win. A trophy will be added to your collection along with a few rewards, upgrades, and monkey money.


Will Bloons battles 2 Be Free?

Yes, bloons battles 2 game is completely free to download as you can get it completely free from the google play store in a few minutes. The game includes in-app purchases that make it not completely free when one takes the whole gameplay as one. It is a freemium game as you have both free and payment-requiring features which the players can enjoy.


The Bloons TD Battles 2 is a breathtaking game among the Bloon game series launched by Ninja Kiwi over the years. It is much easier to understand, easy to play, and clear in terms of the whole progression process. This is possible because of the battle school lesson. The more you progress toward the hall of masters the better strategy is required to win.

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