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October 25, 2021
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Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Unlocked) A Civilization Strategy MOD APK is an exciting flash game with turn-based construction and polygonal graphics. In this game, you need to build your world by gathering resources and exploring new lands for discovery!

About Battle of Polytopia

If you’re looking for something different, look no further than Battle of Polytopia. Midjiwan AB released this 4x strategy game in 2016 for Android and ios operating systems Android and iOS, but it has only been until this year that an official release on steam occurred!

Battle of Polytopia is one of the best which you can enjoy with your family and friends. When you download, it will automatically create a profile for a player versus an AI challenge or connect players from different tribes in real-time! The system allows them to matchmake so that every person has an epic battle against their opponent on one screen – no matter how big they are (or small).


A new game that will take Android gamers back to prehistoric time is now available. It’s called Tribal Clash, and it offers players a chance at helping one of many tribes gain control for all known world, with its epic battles against other competing groups vying for resources like gold or wood needed to make advancements on their tech-forward path while also upgrading themselves through various upgrades as well so they can stay ahead even when others catch up!

The game is a turn-based strategy where you need to consider your opponents’ tactics and approaches. You start the matches on a limited map. Still, it’s up to you how much exploring will be needed before getting started with building an army or upgrading technologies like farming techniques for new resources that can unlock doors elsewhere on landmasses while keeping other tribes at bay until they are routed. Hence, no one stands between yourself and victory!

Battle of Polytopia is an Android game that lets you control everything on the map, except for enemies. Make multiple decisions each turn and always prepare for the next turns with this interactive strategy gameplay!

Main Features

Amazing single-player challenges

Battle of Polytopia offers many different challenges to keep Android gamers entertained. Single-player matches allow players the freedom and flexibility they need while also enjoying themselves at any time or place, no matter where you are!

Enjoy Exiting Modes

Battle of Polytopia has two amazing modes, single-player and multiplayer.

You’re in for some epic battles as you best the game’s AI with your skills. 

You have to be quick and smart in this 30-round game of tag. You can play it at recess or just before bedtime so that you feel more relaxed when your team scores points!

I like the idea of taking turns to defeat all other enemies and then becoming ruler. It makes for more challenging gameplay that gives me a sense of drama!

In this game, you are not on a solo quest. You have to work together with other players and fight against computer-controlled opponents in order for your campaign to successfully complete its objectives!

Glory mode is like the final stage in a video game. In which, players score 10K points to win and whoever reaches it first gets bragging rights for that day (or until somebody else scores higher). Glory has been one of my favorite modes because you can really play dirty with other people when they don’t know what’s coming next – I love seeing those competitive faces go from confident smiles down into frustration as their growth rate slows right before. My eyes!

A fierce battle of the clans is coming. Only a civilization with all three qualities can dominate and is never allowed to be subjective because others will grow overnight in power if they’re not stopped by any means necessary. The goal here is to conquer tribes or unite entire lands under one banner – that’s how you succeed as the mightiest clan!

The single-player campaign is free, but you have to pay for the multiplayer one.

Graphics and Sound


Android gamers will enjoy the cute low poly graphics of this game while they are also challenged with strategic levels. The simple and undemanding gameplay makes it accessible for all devices, especially those who don’t want an intense experience like other strategy games on mobile platforms require. Furthermore, with optimized display settings available in portrait mode and landscape orientation, you can play quickly without missing any important details!


Battle of Polytopia will provide gamers with an immersive gaming experience to explore and battle in a virtual world. The intuitive visuals, soundtracks, effects–all contribute towards making this game worthwhile for Android users who want something more than just mindless tapping on screens!

Battle of Polytopia MOD APK Version

The game is now available for Android! With the modified version, you can have fun with Battle of Polytopia without having to pay for in-app purchases and ads. Instead, follow these simple steps to download it on your device.

MOD Features

  • Mod Unlocked

Download Battle of Polytopia APK + MOD for Android 

The battle for Polytopia has been raging since its release four years ago, but developer teams are still working hard to make sure that you have a better experience. We offer you the MOD APK version of Battle Of Polytria, where you can enjoy anything unlimited.



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