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July 7, 2021
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8 Ball Pool MOD APK (Long Lines) is a popular online game of pool on mobile with over 11 million rating and hundreds of millions of downloads. You can choose between competing with top players from around the world or challenging your friends directly via Google Play!

Introduction About 8 Ball Pool

Pool is a fascinating sport with simple equipment that appeals to those from all walks of life. Invented in France during the 14th century, this aquatic-themed game has become one of the most popular games globally and continues to grow as more people learn about it.


8 Ball Pool offers you the chance to start as a novice pool player and work your way up through small local events. As you win, more people in different areas will hear about who is becoming known throughout the world for their skills at billiards. You can then compete with other big names in tournaments that take place around the globe where only top players are invited!

In addition to the standard offline gameplay, 8 Ball Pool also features exciting online matches. You can challenge friends and other players in epic showdowns as you explore a variety of different game modes. Join world-class billiards players as they take on each other in this unique mobile pool simulation with smooth controls and an intuitive interface making it easy for anyone to pick up quickly!

Main Features

Online 1v1 Match

I like 8 Ball Pool because of its 1v1 mode. This allows me to play against people from all over the world. you can challenge a player from England, France or Japan to play an Olympic match for everyone around the world!

The game of pool has very specific rules, the first being that you only have thirty seconds to make your decision. If you revoke turn, then it becomes ball-in hand for your opponent who can move the cue ball anywhere on the table. Finally if a player shoots their own cue into pocket they must be subject to penalty as well!

All of this information is located in the opponent’s avatar. This includes their level, number of wins, match numbers and rank on the rankings list based upon star count. You should aim to win as many matches possible with a high ranking so that you can meet players worldwide who are at your skill level!

The game currently does not have a feature that allows players to chat freely in the match. Players can only type existing words like “nice”, “good game” or “nice try”.

Collect pool coins and Buy new pool items

The Pool Shop has all the things you need to gain an advantage over your opponents in 8 Ball. Collect coins and rewards from completing challenges, then use them at the shop for items that will give you a strategic edge when playing pool online against other people.

Increase ranks and unlock new items

8 Ball Pool’s level system can be frustrating when you’re trying to face more difficult opponents. However, if you want to play against the best players in town right away without having to wait for your levels and stages, then just keep playing through until a certain stage unlocks hidden locations that allow world-class matches.

Graphics and Sound


8 Ball Pool is a simple game, but it’s an addictive one. The graphics are bland and there aren’t many features in 8 Ball Pool besides the pool table, ball(s), and cue stick–but that’s what makes this game so great! This easy-to-play app can be played on multiple devices with little problem since it doesn’t have anything fancy going for it.


8 Ball Pool delivers precise and realistic audio to make you feel like the winner. Whether it’s cheering crowds or an audience applause, your experience will be filled with high-quality sounds that are accurate!

8 Ball Pool MOD APK Version


MOD Features

  • Mega mod
  • Hint Aim Lines
  • Antiban

Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK (Long Lines) for Android

If you enjoy playing billiards sports, then the 8 Ball Pool game is a must-have on your phone. It would help to join the largest pool community in order to compete and become an excellent player with this app!

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